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  • Happy Birthday 2 you Ghazal :)


    "The melody of time starts you when you forget to tell it your birthday"~ Someone~
  • Hello my dear Ghazal,

    Thanks for visiting my page. Yeah, sis this song is really nice. I like this song too..It's a song of friendship..

    I listened to your songs too..They are all good too..Hero and The word I love you...nice songs!

    Take care my dear,
  • Hello My dear Ghazal,
    You,re Welcome Pictures, Images and Photos

    Thanks for asking, dear..I'm fine and still cute. (jejeje)
    Thanks for the beautiful flowers...
    I miss you and our group..

    Take care always my dear friend,

  • thanks so much for your comment on my photo

  • DEarest Ghazal,

    Oh, Ghazal, thank you so much for listening songs in my page..Which song you like most?

    Take care my friend,
  • Hello Ghazal,
    Thanks for your comment on my pictures :) I really like Chris de Burg and i am quite suprised you know him in Iran. Good choice !
  • Hi dearest Ghazal ....

    Yeah ,it is me in this picture ...I was around one year old ...
  • DEar Sis Ghazal,

    Thanks you very much for your wonderful comments on my page...
    It is so nice to have you there...
    Blessings Pictures, Images and Photos

    Take care always,
  • Dear Ghazal
    Thank you for your attention. I'm sure you have followed all chapters well.Maybe it seems as an ordinary story at a glance but I believe it is like a seed of a rose in our heart. It will germinate if we take enough care about that and it will be bloomed in our life and will be focal point of our planet.You can find objectivity of all parts of this story in your real life "Oh ! exactly according to that book" you will think several time.
    And my special " Thanks" for you about your comments .
  • Wow! you were really cute my friend when you were a baby...
    I'm sure you've grown up such a beautiful lady...100% sure!

    Take care,
This reply was deleted.

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Nice to meet you and thanks for the friend request !
May 9, 2019
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"oh good choice!
I think "The Alchemist" is really a valuable story to think about!"
May 9, 2019
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Thank you very much for your greeting :)
It really made me happy :) :)
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"Hello Dear mayumi,
Now I like "Points of View" more than other songs on your page.
Its really…"
May 9, 2019
Ghazal left a comment for Mayumi
"Hello mayumi ,
how are you?
thank you very much for your comment on my photo :)"
May 9, 2019