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  • wow ... your page is wonderful! why you don't take part to contestphoto? it's really amazing, amazing pictures!

    thanks for taking part to comment on my photo
    a great time for you,Abel!

  • Yes,I have but my friend's skype nummer.It's quite easy.You should download this prog and register there.And then..well.everything is written there.U may use a web camera as well.Look for friends to talk with.Good luck,Sam!!!!!!
  • Hi...I know you are very busy and your friends a lot, you must be more time to respond.
    for about the crash on the Polish President, feeling very sad, as I own countries.
    Because in Russia, I do not support the conspiracy theory, but the weather has much to it.
    if you have any idea, you can sent to my e_mail : Comment
  • Thanks a lot!!!!=))))But I do not think that your women are less beautiful=))))
  • Great photos of your country!!!!!The shore of Titicaca Lake impressed me so much!!!!Envy U a bit)
  • Hi, friend, not urgent. Thank you for giving me the picture and detailed explanation, I like it very much.
    Introduce their own country, too wide, I have to check the Internet.
    What you are have a subject for discussion ? for example, the President of Poland plane crash, what is your view?
  • that problem is every where.of people not valuing their own culture..
  • Wow ... so beautiful, good special Oh!! May I download and sent to my friends and students ?
  • FANTASTIC PHOTOES-rich heritage, thankyou

    for sharing the glimpses of your country.
  • thankyou abel,
    would you like to upload pictures of peru, for the rest of us to have a glimpse of your country?
    have a nice day freind
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