Why Do We Cry When We Are Happy?

Crying is normal during, unhappy moments, depression, or sad incidents. Their son came out holding his certificate of master's degree in microbiology while they were crying with their eyes full of tears. There are certain similar happy occasions like that. The phenomena of weeping or shedding tears during happy moments need some explanation. Why do we cry when we are happy?  

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  • Happiness and sadness are emotions....  So when we are sad we cry out because we feel the bitter emotions and when we are happy again we cry out because our emotions are clouded with happiness and we are in disbelief that such happy thing, can happen to us. It's the EMOTIONS. 

  • I think tears of joy are actually tears of sadness but without the tragedy.

    Like when you are reunited with a loved one that's coming back from the war. The moment you see them, you start crying because you are letting go of all the fears you had of that person being k.i.l.l.e.d, going missing, never coming home, etc.
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  • Because we get emotional, when we are sad or happy, and when we get emotional, certain muscular, and chemical reaction occurs which makes our eyes pour.  Sometimes we are even do not understand why we are crying..

    Anyway, these are the tears of happiness.

    • Main tum ku sahamat hoon, Mishaikh sahib! I definitely agree with that. 

  • Crying is an expression of extreme mood swing. People tend to feel sad more than to feel happy. That's why people cry more often when they are sad and occasionally burst to tears when they are happy. People cry when they feel physical pain as well.

    • Miya Huang, wo xiwang chengwei ni de penyou! I agree with that. By the way, why do we tend to feel sad? I think it is the other way around, Miya. We like to be happy in our life. owning a good wife or husband, a mansion, an elegant car, etc. Miya, thanks for your comment. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks again. 

  • When a sever excitment happen for people, they can't bear it, and they may cry in happy moments or even laugh in sad moments.

    • Mumnoon Saba! You mean their reaction cannot stand it. I guess you are right Saba I really appreciate your efforts in reading and commenting on my topics.  Thanks.  

  • I will explain that as I think and far from the scientific reasons. When we feel happy or unhappy to an extent over than normal, our feelings will not be able to bear that. So, tears fall down as an assistant to feeling. It is my opinion and I hope you like it


    My greetings,

    • Akeed ya ustath Abdelaleem! You thought right and you guessed right, too. In his long and useful intervention, he pointed to something like that.  The crossing of two wires in the brain leads to such feelings. Thanks, Abdelaleem for your nice and reasonable comment.    

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