The Divine Light

Every human being has a soul, a pure entity that seeks to be lit with the remembrance of the creator (Allah). When it receives that Divine light, it lights up, not just the chest of its possessor, but also other people around it. The stronger the combination of the light of inner purity and the outer light source, the greater its reach.

Now think what happens when the glass orb gets dirty. It blocks the light. The dirtier the glass is, the dimmer the lamp gets. If all of the glass orb gets covered with dirt, the niche is left in complete darkness. Although there still is light inside the glass, that light is of no use now.

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    Hello Mishaikh

    I cannot understand what you are saying.

  • Points to be realized.

    I'm a human... I am fine... I am a teacher... I am an engineer... This is my hand and so on.....who is I here? :) :)

    If you say this is MY soul then find out WHO THIS MY belongs to? :) :) :)

  • I can read the words but I see nothing that makes sense in any thing you say.

    Soul, light, dirt, darkness... I know what you wanna mean, and what is the point you wanna explain. But actually, all these words you use have not any logical meaning.
    It's like talkin' but actually not saying A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  EMPTY words.    But oh well... I guess that's a skill that religious ppl have.


  •         I wish all our families and friends the joy of always having the inner light whitch lighten everything they perform or inscribe. God bless you my friend.

  •  NotAClue 

    Thanks for your time to read me and posting comment.

  • Very well explained Rosemary. Thanks.

  • It's a great simile up there , pointing that we should take care of our souls because they will always pine to the heavenly sources , where Allah the creator is ...
    I was reading lately about how should we deny wrongs in our hearts if we aren't able to change them according to prophet Mohammad peace be upon him, and how it's crucial not for our self but for the safety of the whole society
    Because , when we stop doing any act of resistance toward evil , we might be part of it unconsciously especially at war time . There horrible things might happen , when we stop denying or refusing what we see as bad things or bad people behaviors toward humanity .

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