Shortcuts do not lead to lasting Success

Many people are in a rush to achieve their goals that they impatiently take all the ‘shortcuts’ that come across their way. I have seen many videos or articles related to “shortcuts” in internet. How to master in 3 days or 4 days and many people are going behind that. But what is the rush? Why can’t we give our time and effort to master something? Is it because of time constraint people are going behind these shortcuts or just the eagerness of us to sought everything right now.

Nowadays people are more concerned about their health that they spend most of their valuable time in searching tips for losing weight and end up in these shortcuts without realizing that it wouldn't give them long lasting results. In reality, these shortcuts can only give disappointment and mental stress.

For instance, you cannot master a new language in one day. You need constant practicing and motivation to achieve that. Above all, you need to love what you do. If something is very difficult to learn we will keep it aside until we are in good mood. Studies say that when we are in good mood our brain acts faster and our productivity increases. So it is good to take breaks at least it would help us to assimilate what we have learned and help our brain to store it.

Nothing can be achieved in shorter period. You have to give your 100% effort and time to achieve your goal. I would say that instead of wasting time in searching for shortcuts we should actually look for some motivations. When you have motivation everything makes sense.

The key to long term success is dedication and consistent hard work and not the shortcuts. Did you ever imagine how it will be if we can master everything in just a single step?

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  • I think we have to be realistic enough in setting our goals and after this step we have to be realistic enough to plan!most of the time we just look at the target and we think that the way towards that target comes itself or at least  is not as important as the target...that's why we slow down and down..undoubtedly on of the inevitable requirements of a good plan for a good target is time!sometimes we have to let the process pass by its required speed to get the result...i came to this conclusion in my experiences also: i think i have to learn more before commenting on any topic and that requires spending time and working hard...i hope we all be successful in managing our time and planning for our targets..In sha ALLAH

    Thanks a lot for your nice discussion dear Niki))

    The Best

  • You get out what you put in. Working hard or hardly working have nearly opposite meanings. If we are hardly working at something we shouldn't be surprised to have poor results.
  • Can't agree more with you! More often than not, quick results don't do us any good. The old quote says it all "We reap what we sow" - without really putting effort to achieve something, it's very unlikely for one to reach his goal. Enjoying the process is the key to success!

    The only example of making shortcuts work I can think of right now is when someone's about to travel abroad, however he/she is new to the language and so he/she needs to acquire some basic communication language as fast as possible to survive there; a one-month (or even less time) course might be the only choice he/she has.

  • I think, people aren't patient enough, they want everything immediately without any hard work. If it would be possible to master sth within few hours or days in my opinion it wouldn't give us proper satisfaction. As u mentioned studying, reducing weight etc, it needs time and without time we invest in it, we wouldn't appreciate our progress, we wouldn't be so proud of ourselves. To sum it up, it is all about time and I think if we want to be good at sth, we should spend our precious time on it..
  • Hi, Niki! Thank you for the interesting topic. Here are my thoughts about this subject...

    Just simply wanting to achieve something is different from wanting to master it. Mastery is a continuous learning...shortcuts have no room in it. But there are people like me who just want to get things done, I don't need to be the master of anything. So when I simply wanna go somewhere or get something done, I don't have any problems taking the shortest route. I don't see anything wrong with it. What is shortcut anyways? At whose time table do we compare our efforts with? Who set the time limit for achieving our own goals?

    Why take the long way if your common sense tells you that there is another way, perhaps a much more efficient way? Why stick to the old fashioned way when you know there is a new found way that will bring the same result without using as much time, money and energy? Why do we take the vehicle to get to work when we can walk with our own two feet? Why use washing machine to wash clothes when we have hands to do them? It's not always because people are lazy, it's just that whether we admit it or not, the old way is not always the best way. People have become more creative and innovative. They don't stop from discovering different ways to ease some of our burdens. And since each of us is different from each other, there are those who can easily do one thing while others struggles in doing the same thing even if they double their efforts. I am not saying that everything can be done the short way. There are still things that no matter what, will always need our full and careful attention, even from the very basic things such as brushing our teeth and preparing home cooked meals, to conducting experiments and researches - shortcuts just won't cut it. However, we should also be optimistic and open minded that there could be other possible ways out there that may be better than what we have been accustomed to. Only after we've explored different possibilities and proved that the way we have chosen is really the best way for us though it may not be the best way for others, only then we can truly say that we have succeeded.
    • Dear Ohnie,

      Thank you very much for participating in my discussion :)

      Yes, you are right we need constant training to master anything in life; there are no shortcuts to it. But for those who just want to get things done quickly, what I’m saying is that shortcuts are not the proper way to accomplish anything in life whether it is financial or personal. For instance one can easily get through an exam by copying answers from their friends exam sheet but do you think it is the proper way one should do that. Definitely not, may be it would help them to pass the exam but after some years when they really wanted a job, they will realize the bitter taste of life by knowing that they were simply wasting their time and money by sitting idle and not learning anything.

      You have mentioned about use of very basic amenities such as washing machine, vehicles etc but those who were behind these inventions had been spent half of their life in doing researches and making their dreams come true.

      For learning or mastering any new thing, one has to spent their time and energy and there are no shortcuts to it. Even for a movie hundreds of people are spending their sleepless night to make it a hit. In other way no doctor or hospitals can reduce the period of pregnancy. Everyone has to follow the old fashioned route to give birth to a healthy baby. . .I admit that IQ is different from people to people But high IQ people also need to undergo schooling and graduation to become what they really wanted in life. In short, for achieving success in life one has to climb all the steps in the ladder, they simply can’t skip 3 or 5 steps as way of short cut.

  • Achieving your goal is a hard mission .Once , I found a book " learn English in 7 days". I was so excited for the title encouraged me , and I read it with enthusiasm waiting for 7 weeks without any advancing.
    I set out to search for a new way ,I found advertisement of private institute " learn English for 7 weeks"; with our guarantee you will speak English in 7 weeks . beforehand at First pay ……………DOLARS"
    I joined it with two dear friends of mine .Hoped that we would be learnt English quit well in 7 weeks.

    Three weeks later the forty student of our class became less than four they lost their money and left , as our professor was unqualified in English.I studied up to 7 month . But it was useless.

    When we demanded him to pay our money back because we could not speak correctly . He said I can't pay you back because you are stupid lazy men and have no ability to learn. How you believe that you can learn English in 7 week .
    Many years passed and I still feel that I am just a simple learner , searches for a suitable way to learn English perfectly .Thank you for giving me a chance to share my experience.

    • Hi Tawfeeq,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. It would really be an eye-opener for those who are thinking for availing similar courses. In our country, these courses are available in every nook and corner and people are losing money... Anyway your experience would really help others to think twice before joining similar courses :)


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