Politeness in the world

Hello everyone,  I would like to know how polite people are in your countries. The specific situation is a call to the cashier / reference / registry / reception and other. In Ukraine, the most likely you will get answer rudely or, at least ,not politely.

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  • Hmmm... I was infamous for my rudeness as waitress... what does that say about my country? You will never know. ;)

    *What goes around, comes around.*

  • Hello Anna,

    In my country, Vietnam, there are two different styles of reception. If it is a private company, surely I will receive information I need with the most courtesy. However, it doesn't apply to the ones of state-owned area. I supposed there are more difficulties for state workers (like low salary, too many clients,...) that make them lose the ability to stay calm.

    Thanks for the interesting question.

  • If anyone rendering public services, and s/he is extending rude behaviour, they should be reported to the authorities.  On the other hand in every society there all kind of people rude and polite.  We can't make it a criteria.  But in majoriy if people are polite and couteous the society will be called civilized and vice verse.

    Beside it also depends in what circumstances one is forced to extend service.  For example if a country which economical condition is constraint in general, the people living in will be tensed and uncertain, so in such condition, if they are still polite in behavour then they are 'super human'.

  • Hello Anna,

    Here, politeness is most important in those situation. Otherwise, the applicants who want to do the job will not get hired OR the employees will get fired.

    One example, if I call a customer service, they will say ...

    "Hello, AAA (a name of the company),  this is BBB (the receiver's name). Who am I talking to?" "What can I do for you?"

    Thank you for starting the dicussion, Anna. :)

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