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  • I don't have a facebook account now,  and really I don't like it. Hoaxs are everywhere in facebook, it make people hate and fight each other, a good social media should sptead wisdom, love and peace to make this world better.

  • hmmmm.... I am a bit puzzled now. I follwed the link and found out that one has to log in on facebook as to see what advertisers are targetting me. :-( Unfortunately I dun have and never had a facebook account. Nor have I ever had a twitter or whatever social media account except skye and whatsapp. And those are installed on my phone.

    Yes yes, I know whatsapp is conquered by facebook and as you have to allow whatsapp to spy your cellphone contact list or they will not allow you to use their app I am sure they know a lot about me.

    Anyway my PC knows much more about me than me phone. Though i wonder whether facebook and their campanoins can spy my PC? Can anyone give information?

    My best regards though


  • Wow!!  Thank you so much!!  I went straight to the link and shut it down as much as it would allow.  It is amazing what we don't know in regards to these social sites we visit.  

  • Grateful that I found no advertisers there. :)))

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