Hi Everyone, this is my very first time to write a blog but I should begin it :) and I am also a new English learner, then so sorry if you find out some mistake in my writing.

Okay back to the topic, volunteering


Borneo island is one of the largest islands in Asia, This island has 3 country it was Kalimantan which is a part of Indonesia, Malaysia, and also Brunei Darussalam. Volunteering in Borneo not a new topic but the organization that I was followed is new I mean the founder is from Borneo. Volunteering that I was doing before it held in Kamawakan, Loksado, Kalimantan Selatan. Kamawakan is a part of Meratus highlands. These islands are extremely beautiful. This was the reason why I call my volunteering also a holiday.

In this volunteering, I feel so happy and also sad. I feel happy because I can meet local people and also many children that were lived far from handphone especially from the internet and some part of this village has no electricity. The local people are very welcome with all of the volunteers, especially with the children. The children seem so happy and one of the lovely parts is when we make a game which has a name a dream tree. I can see on their eye that they have a big dream for the village and must be for the country. We also made a medical check-up and I'm also very many people who came in even the road to come to the place is very hard.

Indonesia is a large country, there are so many technologies and the best education in the city but also education retardation in the small village.

I think that's all for now 3846626023?profile=RESIZE_710x


This is me and my friend and also with the happy children:)








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  • Hi Evita,

    You look great there!

    I salute to your great effort as volunteer. Please continue your story.

    It seems so interesting to hear.

    Keep writing!

    Onee :)

  • Hi Evita -

    You did a great job on your blog.  You write well. Congratulations!  Your story is very interesting.  It is nice that you volunteer to help others.  I like the picture that you shared.  The children seem happy to be with you.  I really like the concept of the "dream tree!" You are making the world a better place to live.

    Thank you for sharing your story,


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