“Try to do” or “try doing”?


Do you know when you have to use 'try to do something' or 'try doing something'?
There is a slight difference in meaning between both.


When we try to do something, we attempt something difficult or even impossible, and although we have done the best we could, we probably fail. It's also used when we spak about to attempt or to make an effort.

She tried to win the Gold Medal at the Olympic Games, but she was not fast enough in the final.

I tried to call you this morning, but I did not find my mobile. I had left it at home when I went out.

My sister tried to quit smoking, but it only lasted for three days until she smoked again.

Sometimes, I try to watch horror movies, but they are too cruel and disgusting, that I never watched one till its end.

I always try to improve my English Grammar skills.

I try to do more sports, because I need to get fitter.


When we try doing something, it means like an experiment, something easy to do, and the result is unknown. We can also use it to suggest something, to test, to experiment something, to solve problems, or to correct mistakes.

For example:
If you don't reach me by phone in the morning, try calling me in the evening.

My dog did not stop barking, so I tried feeding him different kinds of dog food.

If you want to lose weight, try walking at least half an hour a day.

Speaker 1: "There must be a problem with my printer. It's not working".  Speaker 2:  " Have you tried plugging the plug...? Haha!"

I can't sleep well at the moment. I should try not drinking so much coffee in the evening.



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