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I'd like your opinion please! Are automatic spellcheckers (for your MyEC blog for example) a "good thing", or not? There are pros and cons, of course.
  • One pro is that it makes it dead easy for us.
  • One con is that we learn nothing because the machine does it for us.
What do YOU think?
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  • I which MYEC had and option where teachers or administrators may correct the misspelled words or grammar of "Add comments". Box, for instance “I like aples apples” edit by Josef E. Perhas I mey be askig for to much?
  • . I think that an automatic spellcheck is useful at catching typographical errors. I am one of those people prone to typo errors.

    . Secondly, the one we have here just underlines the mistake and doesn't say what the correct word should be.

    My opinion is that it is better to have it than not.
  • Hi, Josef!

    Here are some Google Gadgets examples of Worldwide Translators & Dictionaries for your references as possibly giving you some ideas or letting you choose the right direction for all of us;
  • If I'm not mistaken, there is no automatic spellchecker in EC's blog. Yet, it is a great convenience to have my spelling checked. The only spellcheck I use is the one in Microsoft Office.
  • hi
    thank you Mr :Josef for this amazing site .
    spellchecker is good in general `but as learnners , we have to try many time before but our text on spellchecker .
  • I don't remember, it was a long time ago when I tried it.. I think it wasn't too good back then.
    And I don't have windows by my self. I think it's Linux version don't have it.. but I'm not sure. I have text to speech in Konqueror in Linux, but I don't use it. :)
  • I think Opera web browser's windows version had text to speech function build in already a while ago.. it even allowed navigation by voice commands..

    But I think letting computer to read your text to find mistakes is a very good idea.. Well it won't work in my case, because I don't know how to speech English words anyway. I only know how to write them in some extend.

    So for beginner English learners it might not work as well as for native speakers. But even then it sure is a good idea. :)
  • Yes, Google chrome and Firefox both have their own built in spell checkers for windows.
  • Monika: excellent correction attempt! :) You certainly got a lot of it right. Maybe we will put up the corrected version somewhere in a few days. But well done for trying, and thank you :) Anyone else?
  • Eddy: it seems that you have some spellchecker function on your computer. What operating system (OS) and browser are you using? It could be part of the OS or part of your browser. Firefox has a built-in spellchecker, as does Mac OSX. Not sure about Windows. Does anyone know?
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