The Nightmare

With a worried face, I was looking at the book of physics. My exam was tomorrow and I had not studied well. My heart was beating and my hands were trembling. I tried to open the book and learn something but all of my efforts were in vain. I had no hope. I was the most unfortunate soul of the universe.

The alarm clock was ringing to annoy me. I thought that I slept while I was trying to learn the book. I looked at the clock. The small hand of the watch was at 8. 


I was late! I had only one hour to arrive at the exam hall. I ran to the bathroom.

I rushed to the school to arrive on time. I reached the school at 9 o’clock. I entered the exam room and took my seat. The examiner came and gave me a question paper and an answer sheet. I started to read the question paper. All of the questions were impossible to solve.

I was about to burst out crying but suddenly I found myself on my bed.

Did I see a nightmare? My heart was beating really hard. I realized that it was a scary dream indeed.

I was thinking with a smiling face, “I am not a student now and I have no need to learn giant books of different subjects. I have no need to sit in an exam and I have no need to get in an exam hall in time.”

what a relief!

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  • Welcome to the working world, where the nightmare can be even worse, and good luck with your studies.
    Well-written; I like reading it. Regards, Dixit. gmail

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  • I have had such dream once a life :). Just a day before my my exam, I was struggling to revise all the chapters. I was thinking of cheating in exam. Suddenly I slept, I dreamt that invigilator caught me while cheating in the exam۔ she took my answer sheet and asked to leave the classroom. I got up and I thanked God. It was just a dream. So I gave up thinking of cheating :)

    • haha!

      scary experience!!


      thanks for the comment, :D


  • Bye bye study time and welcome to the workplace world, where the nightmare can be even worse 🙈 🙈.
    Nice writing, I enjoy reading. Thanks, Dixit!

    • Thanks!


  • Oh my God! 😅😅

    Nice writing! 

    I also had another nightmare in the school, while I'm not a student anymore. It felt so real. 

    Thanks for sharing, Dixit. Keep writing!

    • Sure, I will! :D


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