The EnglishClub Learning Song: Video Challenge

Hi everyone, 

Have you heard the NEW EnglishClub Learning Song that Jonathan made for us? 

It would be fun to make another version of this song with the help of MyEC members. Do you have any ideas? Here are two ideas.

  • a karaoke version with MyEC members singing along
  • (Remember our version of Heal the World that Junco organized? I listened to it today and teared up a little.)
  • a version with MyEC member pictures (perhaps members could hold up a page with their country on it or their favourite thing about being a member)

Help us think of some more ideas. If you want to be involved in the development of another version of this theme song, please leave a comment saying "count me in." Don't forget to share your ideas!

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  • I can't play the song
  • Wow sounds good!!

  • I was also thinking about composing some song for ec, just need to finish it and "force" members to rap and sing :D if I make it, it will be miracle :D
  • @Rajesh I like that project title! 

  • Great idea! What do you think about making "The Welcome Song of MyEC", dear friends ?

  • @Afro I like the idea about the mother tongue. Being involved may be as simple as supply me with a picture of yourself. Thanks!

  • Hi Expector, 

    Sorry you can't see YT stuff. We'll get it up on EC soon!

  •  To hold up a page with their country pic is really a great idea. Along with it, they can hold  up the name of their mother tongue.  I want to say ''count me in'' but I don't know how to do it as I have no idea about video presentation!

  • Sounds like fun (no video here on this page, though).

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