Returning EC

Hello guys... Long time no see..I have been busy with my life... Hope you all still remember me... I miss my friends my families here..
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  • Bet : l miss jie jie mickey my sister...

    Misaikh yes :( l miss them

    Hahha yeah rahul forget it :v

    Onee chan thanks 

    Mary l miss u...i dont know about him :( 

    Kuya Robbie oy oy Kuya .... ...miss u so damn lol 

  • What the... Someone came back from the grave! Hooray for that, Dimi! :P

  • WB DIMI.

    Btw, do you know what happened to Eric?? I know he 'disappeared' or something... :'(((

  • Welcome back, DIMI bro. :)

  • No DIMI most of our oldies are not appearing here regularly.

  • Hi, Dimi! Yes, now your title is okay. I know T Mal and Micky but none of them are available here for rather long!

  • Roman : thanks hahaha
    Bet :) l rechanged it hahhaa It had no sense
    Mishaikh : hey l miss ya... Me too.. I talked to grandpa T Mal... Do you see mickey around here?
  • Hey DIMI, it is good to see you once again after a very long time!  You know you are the one whom I was seeing here ON EC when I first join.  See your round now, regularly.

  • Hello! Dim! Nice to see you around but what is the meaning of this title?

  • Hi Dimi! Nice to see that people are returning back! Welcome!

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