It was a cool evening. I was once again standing before the Pyramids, where I first met her.  I didn't know whether it was a dream or live reality.  My eyes were looking for her with all the desires in them a life can have. A strange fragrance tickled my nostrils; there she was coming, moving in a slow motion, or rather floating.  Her pink rose dress was flapping with the rhythm of wind.  I stretched my arms, though she was still far away, but very next moment her warm body was in my arms.  I closed my eyes as I wanted to feel her with the feelings and see her with my inner vision. 

I did not know how much time passed.   It was when I felt her slim finger on my face moving away,  I opened my eyes.  “Are you going?”  

“Have to go, the night is getting over! 

“When will you come?”  My question came up to my lips as a child was demanding something. 

“Whenever I depart you always ask the same question!” She laughed, and I heard the tinkling of bells all around. 

“It seems a waiting of centuries when I wait for you!”  I said in a very soft voice, holding her supple hand in my demanding hand.

“Waiting is also an indication of love, and it transpires from the emotions.”  She smiled again. 

“My waiting for you may finish in some years and only memories will remain.” 

“What do you mean? I do not understand.”  Her body jerked and she put her finger on my lips as she did not want me to say that.  

“It’s fear of losing you. You know since I met you, the fear of losing you always imbues my entire self.”  I said very timidly,  

“Why worry on the things which are beyond our control.”  She tried to pacify me. 

“But how can I get rid of this fear, this always bites my heart.”  

There were not words on her lips, but the dampening eyes were showing the same pain which I suffer.  “I will come tomorrow, and hope to find you waiting for me.”  

“If waiting is  destiny, I will wait for you for thousands of years, as these pyramids are standing here for centuries you will find me here by their sides waiting for you.” 

I did not know how I was whispering these words, I felt my lips were not moving but the voice was echoing all around, as I was seeing here disappearing between the pyramids. 



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  • A friend of mine commented this way in my mail box:


    Just only one scene, indicates a full life full of tutoring pain of parting, but even though, sometimes meeting would be more tutoring than parting, as parting after meeting, after uniting, is just a mere human can tolerate..... 
    Just as if saying for her lover "Do not feel sad for not meeting me, maybe seeing my tears in leaving tear you.........and I may bear my own pain.......but how could I bear yours.............." 
    Pyramids are great graves for kings, 
    So they can only meet at the shrines, at Pyramids, or one day at Taj if seeking the way to go the other world where no pain any more..................Unquote

  • I really like this blog .. !

    God its really lovely and touchy at the same time.

  • Sewar! Thanks for the sweet comments.
    Readers like you encourage me to write more.

  •      Nice my friend. "I did not know how I was whispering these words", but I know how you were whispering these words!!!! You whispered them while you were drunk by love, so, they were said by the lips of love. My friend, I hope you the joy of love.

  • Thanks a lot my sweet virtual daughter. I am happy to see you after a long time.  God be always with you.

  • My Dear father,

    As usual you always do very good work. and your writing performed well as if  that you are the original fiction writer,

    Congratulation papa. May Allah bless you forever.

    My best regard,

  • I feel pleasure to have your appreciations.  Thanks Saba!

  • Nice blog, you use beautiful descriptive sentences, sometimes I take notes from your blogs to improve my writing. Thanks Mishaikh for sharing.

  • I thank you Rain and Anah. It is good to have your comments. Hope you will keep reading my work.

  • I'm really overwhelm having appreciation from you angel. Within a day or two I will respond to Tara's current challenge.

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