our society

evey day when i want to go to my office or to my collage i get up from my bed and my energy som day was fuul another day i didnot have any energy for work , but this is donot a final results in my dayes this is just a first moment in my dayes . then when i just opened the door and i see another people some times they give me apostive energy and another times i take a negative energy from them . this is accur when i thought about what other people say when they saw me.
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  • Yes, we shouldn't think too much about what people said about us, just keep it as our introspection. Everybody has weakness. Just take the positive energy from them. I like your idea. :)

  • hi Grace Rathank u very mich for your advice i will do it .. 

    Grace Ra

  • Hi Caro. Nice writing and it will be nicer if you use capital letters and good words order of the sentences. You have a good point to write.

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