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Chatting Skills on MyEC

Chat through a more efficient environment.
Have you ever Tried the "pop out" button on the MyEC Chat-Room?

The Basic Mode of Chat on MyEC is a bar which you can easily turn it off via Options (gear) button. 


As you Start a Private chat or a Public one on the Main Room, you can see Maximize Icon (pop out button) on the right side of the Title bar. (next to the close (X) / Minimize (-) button).


If you click on it, a new window will pop up which allows you to chat in a better environment. You can also close all your private chats on the "Chat Bar", Since the "Window Mode" Saves them all in its "Active Conversations" List.


You can also use MyEC chat in its special page:

Learn more about online mode.
Have you ever wanted to check if someone is really online?

The First thing to do is to click on their Profile Picture or Nickname. As you can see in Figure 4. Judy has disconnected and cannot receive instant messages. that is, she has turned the "Chat Bar" Off or She has just Closed MyEC Page.


It's obvious that there are always people who are online but not active in any kinds of chats! but that's not all. there are some people in the "Members online" list who can receive instant messages but they're not really online. that is, They have opened MyEC Page but they're not viewing it at the moment. As you can see in Figure 5. Axel and Zahra are viewing MyEC at the moment but Hood and Piotrek are busy working with other Tabs, Browsers or Software. Here I must emphasize that It doesn't matter if you have set your profile to private or not. people can check your online status through your Profile Page.



What do MyEC Emojis mean?

:-De1.png?width=16A very happy smiley face
:-)e2.png?width=16A smiley face
:-*e4.png?width=16kiss and hug
:-Pe5.png?width=16silly or stupid act
;-)e7.png?width=16A winking smiley face
:-Xe8.png?width=16maybe disgusted
:-!e10.png?width=16Embarrassment, shame
8-(e11.png?width=16maybe angry
:'(e12.png?width=16a crying face

What to do with BORING Chatters?

What to do with BORING Chatters?

Unwritten Chatting rules on MyEC.

Chat Room Etiquette (Chatiquette)
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