Is it a Deja Vu?

I am once again in that street where I first met you, came with a hope to see you.  It is one of the busiest places in the whole city.  I remember the smile on your beautiful lips.  Even today the slight trembling of your lower lip tickles my entire self.  I remember you were strolling in the street, which was looking narrow and so small because of heavy rush of traffic and large number of people, who were passing through it.  The street is in the center of the city, and you were the center of my attention.  The name of the area is Saddar, an Arabic name means center/heart and/or brain.  O my love, I didn’t see center, or the heart and/or brain, you were my center, my heart and/or my brain, but who were you, who just threw a single glance and a slight smile, then lost in the crowd leaving me standing alone in the rush of passersby where I am still standing with the hope to see you again.

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  • Thanks @Rose Iris 

    How I am glad to see you after a long pause.  And thanks once again for all appreciations.  I will surely listen to the song but in my relax time to enjoy a lot more.

  • Again, an emotional piece of writing, Mishaikh. I enjoyed reading it very much.
    It reminds me of a song by James Blunt: "You're beautiful" is its title.

    If you want to listen to the song, there you go!

  • @O. M.

    Thanks a lot.  You have elaborated the topic very comprehensively, in a sort of "touching the heart" way..  I appreciate your view point.  I am most grateful for all encouragement from you.

  • Hi Mishaikh ))

    Well..."Deja vu is the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening with you now" (, though, in has never ever happened to you in real life.

    I had so many times the phenomena of deja vu in my life, that I can definitely say that what you describe in your blog was not a deja vu fact, Mish))) I think, it was an amazing and unforgettable moment that happens to us sometimes..and we can never leave it behind. Like the girl from the Saddar you saw. You got impressed up to the bottom of your heart..You may see her in your can meet the reflection of her eyes in the eyes of will catch the slight resembling of her lips on the lips of one of another girl... And will feel that strange deja vu ...A strange moment...when you heart sinks...and you can only say...Oh....REALLY??? what was that?

    Well...It was only my opinion. And what I want to say is that your blog as always impresses. You know how to use adjectives to touch the hearts of your readers and not let us remain indifferent )) I liked it. Thank you for sharing )) I hope to read more.

    PS.: I do not like deja vus..It scares when you have a lot of them ))) Makes you think that something is wrong with you )))

    Significado de DÉJÀ VU en el Diccionario Cambridge inglés
    déjà vu Significado déjà vu: 1. the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now: 2. the strange feeling that…
  • Hi Mishaikh,

    Don't say she is a stranger..... :))))

    Is it Deja Vu? Maybe. ^^

  • Thanks ackMa for your sweet comment.

  • Thanks Rosemary for all appreciations. 

  •   Yes " saddar " is used to indicate the center of things especially when it comes to people gatherings.  But the literally meaning of it is " chest " . Thanks for sharing  and have a nice day 

  • Oh,girls like this kind of phrase,it is so touching.and it's lucky to find someone to be the center of your heart.

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