Please be cautious when doing anything new.  That is the first rule!!  LOL  But for those that have blogs and such.......not necessarily your friends list unless you can save it someway.......(for if I am correct I read that the engineers were trying to retrieve the friend's lists)  But for blogs and writings that you have saved in OLD EC.....if you go to the home page......that is the one that gives you chat, myec etc......there is a message from Mr. Joseph with a link to OLD EC.......try to retrieve your blogs if you have a mind to!!  

I wish someone could reach Rose Iris......she was really sorry she had lost her writings......and I am afraid she may have left for the next couple of weeks before I had sense enough to see the link to OLD EC.....gosh I am so sorry.

But anyway.....I hope this helps......have a great day!!!! Thanks So Much!!!!  OLD EC will be lost in the very near if you plan on trying be speedy about it!!!  For I will assume that once that site is is gone for good!!   Just for good measure  TO GET TO WHERE YOU CAN CLICK ON THE LINK TO OLD EC.......CLICK ON THE HEADING......MY EC.....then you will see the message.  Sorry this is new to me also.....LOL

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  • Dear paula everything will set and all blogs and writings will get back soon we just wait for few days 

  • Hi Molemane, sorry for late reply......I took a screen shot of mine.  Yes it was long but in the event we do not get them least we will have them somewhere to get infor from.  That is the only way I know to save them if they end up lost.  I hope this helps!!!!  Have a great day!!!!

  • My Dear Paula how do i go about transfering my friends list if is missing, to New My EC or if possible can you do it for me?

  • Glad it’s sorted then :)

    But members can indeed retrieve missing mail as described by Paula.

  • Hello, Josef.

    As I already commented, there are no lost writings.

    Please, read my comment below.

    I had not carefully enough looked around when I wrote about lost posts.

    Thanks so much for your effort and my apology for wasting your time. 


  • Not sure what writings Rose has lost. I can see 135 of her blog posts at

    Are there some missing?

    Rose Iris's Posts
    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • Rose Iris........I went and screen shot all my friend's list and could have done it to my inbox.....but decided not to do that........but it is possible to have those in case they do not come over.......

  • Dear Paula. You are too nice. Many thanks. I just want to tell you that all my writings have been found by me.
    There are other issues, but I think they are the same for all members here.
    My friend list has been lost, and my inbox is empty. I hope that the problems are going to be solved within a few days.
    I think we need to be patient.

    Thanks again for your effort to inform me. I had seen the link to the OLD EC.

This reply was deleted.