I read a research into how people learn languages,shows us that successful learners tend to be highly motivated. It diveds motivation into two types: EXTRINSIC  " outside" and INTRINSIC "inside".

Extrinsic" ouside" motivation is when students want to learn because they might get the chance for a good job or to pass the exam with good grades and please their parents. The motivation to succeed is not within themselves, but is found in an external goal they hope to reach.

Intrinsic " inside" motivation when they want to learn because they like to speak and learn the language, the culture of it.They like to know and discover the language and the people who speak it.


I think both motivations are necessary and getting the students to enjoy learning English is the key here.It's not only the school books that make them learn English ,but I encourage them to read for pleasure ,what their interests,  about: ..football players  ,sports, cars, magazines ,movie stars.....in English and to listen to English songs and news too.

We all know that teaching a language is different from any other subject.We have to make our students motivate and like the language first ,then we start to teach them about it.


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  • Ahib alingleezi, wa ahib atahfeez ya Hala. Nice topic.

  • Thank you Tural for reading :)

  • I agree with you Ms. Hala! Surrounding ourselves with English materials will help us improve our skills. It's better to apply it in our hobbies too. : )

  • The intrinsic and Extrinsic for English learner is very important for students to motivate and

    finish they goal !

  • Great writing dear teacher Hala J.M.

    English teachers are really very different from other subject's teachers.

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