Hidden Away in the Back of a Drawer:

On a leisure day, I was cleaning the drawer of my writing-table which had got overflowed with the papers and different articles which had been dropping in it for last many years.

I was taking the papers and other articles out from the drawer and putting separately. I was taking a cursory look at each paper to assess whether it is important or not.

When it was almost half empty I thrust my hand into the back of the drawing to look for any other important paper. When I drag my hand out there was a folded paper stuck in between my fingers. “Wha the hell is that” It looked very old, I might have put it years ago, I unfolded the paper and ran my eyes on it. As I was reading what was written in it, my mouth got opened in surprise and the same time a smile blossomed on my lips.

That was a love letter written by me and never sent or given to whom it was written.

Following was the letter:

“My dear,

You are very beautiful, I can’t express your beauty in words, but all the flowers I see, it seems to me that they have taken the color and delicacy from you. When I see your hairs waving in the air with the jerk of your body, they remind me the clouds which shadowed the scorching ground, and your face was just like the moon peeping through the dark clouds. Your lips remind me the delicate petals of a rose. I don’t know why I always see you in my dreams. You are always in my memories. I always try to look for you. When I do not see you, I find my heart feel as if it is under a heavy burden. Oh, my dear, I think I am in love with you. I wanted to open my heart before you verbally, but I do not find the courage. That is why I am putting my heart here on this paper and present to you…………………”

“What are you doing?” I turned to see my wife smiling at me. “After all you got the idea to clean this mess up! By the way memories, you have found hidden in this drawer?” She was still smiling. I handed the letter to her, “I have found this………………”

“After all you got the idea to clean this mess up! By the way what memories, you have found hidden in this drawer?” She was still smiling. I handed the letter to her, “I have found this………………”
She took the letter and read it, then she laughed out loud, “When did you write this letter and for whom?

“Long time ago when I was in the college” I replied her smile with a smile.

“Didn’t you give it to her?’ I shook my head, “No.” “Why?” She asked.

“I was going to give it to her, she was having a joyful chat with one of her friends. When I got close to them, I heard she was taking my name. I got excited, I hid behind the bush to eavesdrop.

“Whom you are talking about?” She asked.  Her friend took my name. She said, “Him, how can it be, he is just a common ordinary looking boy, how can I fall in love with him…………….shit!”

“I turned back, came home dejected, and threw this letter into this drawer to forget it and her. It took a long time but I recovered, and paid all my attention to my education and career.”

‘Remember once you said,” My wife said getting closer to me, “that it is not necessary every eye has the ability to see what is a real beauty hidden within a personality. Tell me do my eyes have that ability?”

I smiled and said, "let’s clean this mess up".

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  • Maintaining the unexpected for the readers is really an art.
    Thank Roman for liking.
  • Mmmm:) I have to clean my drawer too! But it is not a drawer of writing-table :) As always, well written! I like to read your stories. But untill the end I expected that this letter was written to your wife:) In the moment where you read that letter I thought that your wife will interrupt you and continue the words in this letter, because she still remember it after many years:) Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks Onee for 'sweet' comment.

  • So sweet.....!!!!  ^_^

  • Thanks Arisha you like the story.
  • Nicely written blog, I like your choice of words to describe the beauty.
  • Marsha
    Thanks for reading me and the sweet comment.
  • A great letter written by a great writer. I like to read you always. Thanks for sharing dear Mishaikh.
  • Thanks SNR liking my story/ies.
  • @Narin: "i have a question about one part of this writing'

    I have corrected the typos you pointed to me.  Thanks a lot for your help.

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