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Reading Exercise: Natural Habitats

Every living thing has a particular place in which it lives, and we call this place its habitat. A good habitat provides everything an organism needs to survive. It provides food and shelter, places for breeding or laying eggs, the right kind of… Continue

Bitcoin Vocabulary

The EnglishClub Wordchecker below shows word, part of speech, definition and example sentence for common vocabulary related to Bitcoin.

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Estanis commented on Fizzy's blog post 2021-05 : Hello March
"Happy month for the most organised person I know! 😀
No need to hurry to do your duty with taxes 😉"
4 minutes ago
Peony commented on Peony's video
"You’re welcome OM 💐💐. Yes, indeed. This topic was delivered hilariously, I enjoyed it too. Good…"
21 minutes ago
Peony commented on Peony's video
"To put it into a nutshell, men and women are different. Not exactly like how this marriage expert…"
23 minutes ago
Peony commented on Peony's video
"Same here, I prefer to stay in silence when I have problem. Subsequently, maybe I'll just write…"
25 minutes ago
NotAClue commented on Tam's blog post Do you want to become a politician?
"LOL - You're funny, Tam. ;-))"
35 minutes ago
Tam posted a blog post
If you want to become rich, you should do business. If you want to become famous and popular, you…
55 minutes ago
Fizzy posted a blog post
HelloIts another new month.  Hope you are well.I wonder if myEC server connection is slow or my…
56 minutes ago
Fizzy commented on Peony's blog post Super Excited
"His reply is funny... 
1 hour ago