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Former tag: boredMy tag: rainIdioms:1) raining cats and dogs: raining very heavily2) don't rain on my parade: don't try to ruin my great day or my important moment3) come rain or shine: no matter what (or no matter what the weather)It was raining cats and dogs, but these kids didn't let it rain on their parade. Come rain or shine, these kids were going to enjoy their vacation. They might look bored, but they weren't! They were making their own hot tub on the hot pavement. (When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.)
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  • Very interesting photos and inspiring subtitles, both are uplifting to me.

    People around me always looked rigid and unhappy come rain or shine, not to mention being depressive when it was raining cats and dogs, which continuously rained on my parade and finally I felt I lost being myself. I am trying to get well-being back and don't let it rain on my parade anymore. Come rain or shine, I am trying being active though it rains cats and dogs.

  • @Tara

    Maybe they thought it was the best way to enjoy the heavy rain - just lying on the ground. I guess rain is so precious there. Now, it's everybody's guess:)

  • @Expector Can you believe that they close the pool whenever it rains? We were surprised too. But I guess the lifeguards don't want to sit out in the rain. It makes sense if there is a thunderstorm, though!

  • What an inspiring and amusing entry! Love it! :D

    Thank you Tara for making time to joining us. Hope to see other member's shoot after yous. :)

  • Amazing photo!

    They could have played in the pool while enjoying the rain. 

    Incidentally, I also enjoyed reading the caption. 

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