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Sandiwp (Island)

Sandwip is an island along the southeastern coast of Bangladesh in the Chittagong District. Distance from Chittagong coast is 17 kilometers. I visited this place with a group of teachers in 2017.

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  • Beautiful Picture Shaheen... 

    Does anybody  live there? 

    • Yeah, Fake, the sight is very beautiful. Here the land has been united with the ocean. You can also see a boat a the right corner of the picture.

      It has a population of nearly 350,000. I had just taken a snap of natural beauty that my eyes caught at that time. People say the Island was 15 miles long onward (looking forward to standing on the coastline where I took the image) some decades back. Now the Island has been shrunken due to erosion on and on, the main city drowned the same way. Thanks for your interest. 

  • The first thing that came into my mind was this old series... LOST :-D 
    Thanks for sharing, Shaheen. 

    • Happy to have you in my comments thread, NotAClue!!

  • Good work !.. Who is the photo artist ofthis picture ?...

    • Thanks for the comment Mr. Martelli. Photo artist!!! didn't get you, man!

  • Donobaad Shaheen vai! Nice shot!

  •  i think that this photo was taken after the rains . it is meaningful since the sheep are grassing again after the storms

    • We had been there on the 24th of February and returned 25th of February, 2017. Usually, it doesn't rain here in the month of February. It is a dray season actually, Here all the year rain with the exception of this time. And sometimes we receive shower in the dry season too. Thanks for commenting Rosemary :-D



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