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  • I have read a little about " Zhou en Lai". Thanks for the description dear Rob.

  • Hi Kal

    Not sure about overall meaning. 'Zhou' is seen everywhere in Chinese and simply means 'place'.

    Zhou en Lai was a leader in the Mao period and Guangzhou (formerly Canton) is the biggest city in the South of the country.

  • A nice cover.I wonder that, it has a deep meaning.Also, what is the mean of "Gaizhou"

  • This photo so took my fancy that as you can see it is now the cover of my China ebook memoir 'The Cat Thief of Gaizhou'.

    The photo was taken near Olympic Park Dalian PRC.

    The ebook is available for download from mebooks:

    The Cat Thief of Gaizhou
    Having always been what he calls, a ‘wannabe teacher’, Rob Harris saw his opportunity in late 2003.At the time, Rob’s New Zealand employer was going…
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