Sociology Term Paper Topics

  • Analysis of Minorities (African Americans, Hispanics, American Indian, Etc. & Women) Employed in Police Departments as Full Time Police Officers in the United States

In this paper to write my essay a writer examines the issue of minorities in police departments across the United States. The author discusses the history of minorities and women in law enforcement, examines police department racial diversity statistics, analyzes the influence of Affirmative Action in law enforcement, and measures its affect on minority communities.

  • Application of Gamsons Theory

Social movements have formed in order to bring about changes in society that are perceived to be needed by a group of people. Although a multitude of movements have been formed, not all have been successful. William Gamson has studied various social movements and has come up with two measures of success for these organizations. The first focuses on whether other power holders came to accept the group as a valid representative of legitimate interests. The second measure focuses on whether the group gained new advantages for its constituents and beneficiaries and accomplished goals.1 By using this definition, as well as Gamson’s theory on what tactics ensures a movementÂ’s success, this paper will evaluate several movements.

  • Anti-converso Violence: Toledo, 1449

In this paper we will discuss the Anti-converso Violence which occurred in Toledo in 1449. In this act of violence, Newly converted Christians, known as Conversos, some of whom where quite wealthy, where attacked during a revolt against taxation. Three hundred of them decided to band together and defend themselves. During the attack one Christian is killed. In response, 22 are murdered and numerous houses burnt. These events occurred during a brutal and difficult time in Spanish history. As a way to understand the complexity of the violence which occurred in Toledo, we need to place it into a historical and social context. We will explore the timer leading up to these events. Then we will explore the historical and social repercussions of this violence in Toledo. Specifically, we examine how this Anti-converso Violence set the stage for the Spanish Inquisition.

  • Analysis of the Debate between Methodological Individualism and Methodological Holism.

This undergraduate paper compares and contrast methodological individualism and methodological holism through social movements and protest groups. Methodological holism is the better tool for predicting group behavior, or at least for viewing it properly. 

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