You might previously have played a game where you get turns to write a sentence of a story on a piece of paper and hand it over to the next person who then continues the story. Well this is the online version!Please read the rules below....
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What is Story It!!!

It is to create a stoy together by just typing one sentence at a turn.For instance, I start off by saying: … Once close by was a childish guy with an odd habit. The next person will state: He liked to sink his teeth into his fingernails and his toenails. Then the next person will carry on and accordingly proceed to the next. It can be action, adventure, crime, detective, fantasy, horror, mystery, and even science fiction.
However similar to several games there are rules, as followed:
1.You have to wait your turn, for example; the 1st is A, 2nd is B, now B shouldn’t write awaiting someone else who comes along to write. Of course not only two are able to join but every single one can...I am saying just provide chances for others. In addition it won’t be cool if only one participates.
2.This is a monthly story as a result, by the end of each month the story will bring to an end. I will gather the sentences in story/paragraphs form and then forward it to all the Authors who participated.
3.The name of the story will be selected by the {chosen one} I will collect all the Authors names and pick a name {chosen one} to provide us with the completed story name.
4.To begin discussion you ought to write the Subject name according to Months. It can be many discussions just in one month just add 1, 2, 3…etc at the end of the subject name.
5.Finally, as you possibly will know please and please don’t write useless and impolite or dreadful words. We are not here to fight we are here to become skilled at the language {English} and of course have fun.

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  • :)

    It is just your imagination! (I hope!!)

  • Hi, dear Emerald


  • You are welcome, lilidodo.
  • Ok! Sure!!


  • Hi dear Lilidodo.

    Yes of course you can start! (I asked about it from Emerald before too)

    Yes, please start, then we will follow it certainly.

  • Hi Dambru!

    Welcome to this group.


  • So, please start that story yourself again.

    It's more than 48 hours that here is inactive!

    I will follow you.

  • Emerald= a Jewel!

    Nice name!

    Dear Emerald I think that we must consider a time for being inactive. For example 48 hours (=2 days). I mean if we saw that this group is inactive for 48 hours we could be able to continue the story even we have written the last sentence too, otherwise we must wait for our turn like past. In this way our group won't be inactive for long time.

  • Good!

    Let’s follow “December 1” story that is started again.

  • Hi dear Emerald!

    Nice to meet you so.

    But I think even 1 month is overmuch!

    Maybe 1 week is better.

    Of course it's my opinion and I think if we want to have an active group we must decrease the days.

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