Married to a Murderer by Alan Russell

I found this short story very fascinating. It dealt with the human fascination of total opposite. It's about a wealthy lady who met a convicted prisoner. Their instant attraction led to their marriage. At the same time, the husband denied that he murdered anyone. With his new found wealth and wife, his case was re-examined with surprising result.

Hope you find this short story interesting too. Please click this link to read it.

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  • This reminds me of Britney Spears's Criminal. She described such love as irrational but physical. When it comes to love, reason is the last thing to consider.

    • But I wonder, whether at the end, love is the reason for Danielle to marry the prisoner? Or is it the 'love' of being 'notoriously known' as the woman who's married to a convicted murderer?

  • my dear noaspls

    i read this short story ..just once...didnt get much .....


    that danie got fame for rest of her life being married to a murderer .......

    • Hi Angel,

      Danielle married her husband, the prisoner, because she wanted the fame or notoriety of married to a murderer. When he husband managed to re-open the case against him, and Danielle realised that her husband's claim that he is not a murderer is true, she killed him. She wanted to be known as 'the woman who married a murderer', so she cannot afford that the court to overturn the conviction of her husband and make him not guilty. 

      When she killed her husband, no one knows about his innocent, thus everyone assumed that he's a murderer and she will forever will be known as 'the woman who is married to a murderer'. That's the whole plot of the short story.

    • my dear noaspls ...

      bundle of thanks for this....i got it dear..

    • No thanks is necessary, Angel. I'm glad to be able to assist you with the whole plot. 

      You're one of the few active members of this group, who is always willing to read the suggested books/short stories and actively participating in the discussion. I should be the one who say thanks a lot to you.

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    • OHMY! Is that all that you get from reading the story? You did read the whole story, right, WMR?  


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