Share with us the idiom you learned today. Idioms are phrases whose real meaning is totally different from its literal sense. Idioms are a dime a dozen in native speakers' everyday conversations. You've got to know the sense of the whole phrase to understand what they mean. Even if you understand all the words in the phrase you might miss the meaning. It is a great matter for us learners.

Here is the platform for all of us to share the idioms we have learned and by the same occasion to learn others.

These are the rules : Write completely the idiom you'd like to share, give a clear and thorough explanation and then give two or three examples to illustrate it. You are welcome to give more examples.

It dawned on me that native speakers also never stop learning idioms. Have idioms misunderstanding ever rained on your parade in conversation? Take a shot and let's start.

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  • Just find some or any idiom, post it and explain the meaning with one example how to use.

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Phrasal verbs with add

add on(separable) – to increaseWe added on another floor to our house. (We added it on to our house.) add up(intransitive – no object) – to result inYour story just doesn’t add up. I think you are not telling the truth. add up to(inseparable) – to totalThe bills often add up to more money than she earns.

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Pull a leg: make a joke by lying to someone and pretending the lie is true.Ex1: A: Look behind you! There is a lion coming towards us.       B: (Start running)       A: Come on! I was just pulling your leg.Ex2: A: Why didn't you pass by my school at 10 as I told you. The president were there.       B: Really! I thought you were pulling my leg.Thanks.

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