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  • hi all amazing Teacher here in EC pleas help me

    Look at the underlined nouns. Are they countable or uncountable?
    ?There was a car behind us. countable
    ?I never eat meat. uncountable
    Do you play golf ? uncountable
    I had to wait ten "minute"s. countable
    Just tell me one" thing".countable
    "Love" makes the world go round.uncountable
    Good "luck" in your new job.uncountable
    Power stations produce "energy".uncountable
    I'm taking a "photo".countable
    Would you like an "apple"?countable


    A & some
    Laura has been to the supermarket.
    What has she bought?
    Use a or some with these words: some banana, some biscuits, some butter,some cheese,some eggs, some flowers,a lemon, a light bulb,some mineral water, a magazine, a soap, some wine
    ? some/lowers
    ? a magazine
    ? some cheese


    This is difficult not know solved ^^

    countable and uncountabel nouns

    Jessica: What are you doing, Andrew?
    Andrew: I'm writing (►) essay/an essay.
    Jessica: Oh, you've got (1) computer/a computer.
    Do you always write (2) essay/essays on your computer?
    Andrew: Yes, but I'm not doing very well today.
    I've been working on my plan for about three (3) hour/hours now.
    Jessica: You've got lots of books to help you, though.
    I haven't got as (4) many/much books as you.

  • I would love someone who can help me in my homework!!
  • I wrote an essay about "Neighbors" by Raymond Carver. The assignment is interpretation of meaning. I tried my best, but I feel my English sounds uncomfortable. Could you please make corrections of my grammar mistakes and word choosing mistakes? I really appreciate your help.

    Neighbors by Raymond Carver is very interesting short story that talks about human nature. The author mentions what the humans are, and how the humans do by creating the main character, Bill Miller who lives with Arlene Miller, and their neighbor is Harriet and Jim Stone. Bill's behavior after the Stones have gone for their vacation shows the Millers' jealousy, morality and curiosity, which are the parts of the human nature.
    Bill and Arlene Miller are happy couple, but the neighbor, Harriet and Jim Stone, have more bright life than the Millers do. The Stones often go for their vacation because of Jim's work. According to the author mentions about the vacation, readers feel the Millers' jealousy. When the Millers see the Stones off after the conversation of saying good bye and take care of their cat and plants, the Millers' jealousy increases. This feeling of jealousy becomes a premise of the Millers' unexpected behaviors. Because of folding the table cloth that Harriet purchased in Santa Fe last year, the author wants the readers to assume the reason why Arlene still use the table cloth is because her house does not have such a beautiful table cloth, or the imagination of the beautiful Santa Fe comes through while eating or drinking is enjoyable.
    On the first day Bill have to feed Kitty, a cat and have to water plants. He takes a deep breath while entering the Stone's house. The reason why he took a deep breath is because it is unusual to open the Stones' door using the Stones' key, so he becomes nervous and wants to calm down. Another reason is because he wants to compare a scent of the Stones and his house. However, the author mentions that the air in the house was heavy. The air contains oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and so on, and it is very important for living thing on the Earth, so the air actually is not heavy. The time the humans feel the air is heavy is when they are having trouble in psychological or mental. For example, when a boyfriend and a girlfriend are dating with feeling awkward and without words, and when a stranger tries to involve into the students who are studying hard and irritated for their college exams, these are able to say the air is heavy. However, in this story what the author has mentioned does not apply neither first situation nor second situation. Before the author mentions about this, the air is not heavy only feeling jealousy for the Stones' vacation. Therefore, the answer is the next paragraph that the author mentions Bill commits theft, so the heavy air was a premise for this theft. Bill is a human, so he should surely have felt something in his mind, hesitation, puzzlement, or fear, for example.
    After several days, Bill sees everything in the Stone' house. A person sees another person's private property when the person has curiosity. Bill's house and the Stones' house are totally different world. Furniture, ashtrays, clock, and small articles are used for the same purpose, but it is not rare to feel that the another person's belongings are different things. Even thought the Millers' furniture is the same as the Stones', it is not unusual to see the Stones' are much prettier and beautiful. It is not an illusion; step into the different world increases Bill's curiosity, and he does absurd behaviors, try on Jim's clothes and even Harriet's clothes, so it does not mean that Bill gets weird thoughts.
    In conclusion, the story, Neighbors, talks about human nature by creating the characters, Arlene and Bill Miller. They are not such weird people who ruin another people's house; it it just their humanity. Interpreting and finding meanings of big phrases make the readers to get involve in the Millers' feeling and expect what they would do in particular situation.
  • Thank you for inviting me, I'm pleased to join you.it sounds helpful.
  • this nice
  • wooow
    thanks for this great idea
    I am in my last level in college and when I was in school I really was need a help in my homework
    but I may need that kind of help also now in my college so thanks for this group (^^)
  • thank you
    do sure , i stand with you
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hi all amazing Teacher here in EC pleas help me

hi all amazing Teacher here in EC pleas help meLook at the underlined nouns. Are they countable or uncountable??There was a car behind us. countable?I never eat meat. uncountableDo you play golf ? uncountableI had to wait ten "minute"s. countableJust tell me one" thing".countable"Love" makes the world go round.uncountableGood "luck" in your new job.uncountablePower stations produce "energy".uncountableI'm taking a "photo".countableWould you like an…

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