Dear friends! As you may know, I am an EC fan as I have been its member for about 3 years and I have never come across  any better site. However, we sometimes face  some problems here and the administration is not responsible for them.

As to me, I can't stand when somebody offences others on religious, national or gender basis. I can't also allow men to use dirty slang. There are m any other points I don't like in the chatroom as well as on the comment walls. It will be great if you share your dislikes and ideas in that connection.

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  • Dear friends! Thanks for taking part in this discussion!

    Dear Jenny! I haven't said I hate something, I just dislike some negative events in the chatroom and not only there. It is very hard to offend me but I can't be indifferent to that. If we want EC to be our place for learning, communication and rest, we should care. Sure, EC is a social network but it is us who form it and it is us who can  make it peaceful and comfortable for everyone.

  • Hi Tanya,

    I understand you and also understand the other people, I have never use chatroom but I just noticed

    the sentenses that they wrote in chatroom, sometimes I think that the sentenses are not complete, but

    many people in chatroom can get it, no more than that  I said.

    Tanya, you are a good teacher for me, sometimes we should ignore something that makes us unhappy or

    upset, because it is a group of social network that we cannot control it, but I believe that the administrator

    of EC can manage about this.


    • Dear Pattpim! Some negative events in the chatroom don't make me unhappy or upset, I just dislike such behavior. But to ignore boorishness is not for me! If we allow some people to be rough or boorish, they may think it is OK to be that way. I always report on such members and EC administration always reacts to our reports. However, I don't think that we shouldn't use the chatroom because we might face some unpleasant people there. In general, EC members are polite, well-bread and know how to behave in the international society.

      Thanks for replying to this discussion.

  • This is a good idea for a group discussion. I tried opening a group called Suggestion Box, but it was hard to get others to share their thoughts. 


    As long as we keep it open, the chat room will always be one area that causes problems. If we closed it, so many people would be unhappy. Many people really do use it to practise English. Please continue to report bad members so that we can keep this place, safe, clean, and friendly. Thanks for everything you do here!




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