Why do we wear glasses?


The idea came to me while watching Alan Nicole’s video. He was telling us about that city. He tried to put on his glasses. The process took some moments before he finally put them on.

High-rank officers, special investigators, detectives wear glasses most of the time. In addition, people who work in secret or security sections of the government. Some of us wear them to give them more prestige or to make them handsome. The hot sun can be a cause.


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          • Goten morgen Rose Iris. I really enjoyed watching you and Eugenia laughing at us. I told Eugenia about our escaping from old age. It was because of you Rose. When we see a beautiful lady, we try to be young. Using tincture, coloring or any sort of nature to hide our white hair. Sometimes we use glasses to hide the look in our eyes. 

  • Hi, Dara.
    As you know, there are different kinds of glasses.
    There are eyeglasses to strengthen our sight and sunglasses with and without strengthening eyesight.
    As for me, I wear eyeglasses and sunglasses for better eyesight.
    Even for people who see well, wearing sunglasses, it makes sense to protect their eyes against the sun...so why not!?
    I think only a minority of people wear glasses only as a status symbol or to impress people with always the newest model, and if they do so, I don't care. It's their business. Maybe they have a weak self-confidence and beg for attention.

      • Wow, Dara!

        What unexpected compliments! Many thanks.

        Do you know? Men must not look younger. They become more handsome with the aged. At least in my eyes.
        Unfortunately, men don't think so about women.
        Evil tongues say (at least here in Germany): A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she looks.

        I tell you a secret: If I want to look younger myself in front of the mirror, I just take off my glasses....it's magic! LOL!





        • Whishtigar punkt Rose Iris! You attracted my attention to this important point. We wear glasses for a special weak point in ourselves.  I mean self-confidence.  Some of us are not sure of themselves. They put those glasses to cover that defect. 

          This is bad, Rose. We must not feel like that at all. Whatever happens, we must be sure of ourselves and confident.  One more thing, whether you wear your glasses for sight or against the rays of the sun, you are a beautiful lady with those glasses. Thanks for adding some flavor to that discussion.

        • toll Rose Iris! It is indeed a big secret. Every day, I discover more amazing things about you. The Germans want to conquer the world. That is why it is not easy for them to tell their secret things. I really admire your humbleness and good humor.

          Nevertheless, you are still a beautiful lady. Look at that photo of your grandchildren which you posted last week, how lovely they are. In front of beautiful ladies, we want to look young and handsome. That is why we hide by wearing glasses or that sort. Thanks again for this nice comment.

          • One point has to be replied, Dara.

            Germans in general and me in special, we don't want to conquer anything or anyone, dear Dara.
            What I want is living in peace and freedom, and it is also my wish for all people around the globe. That's much more important than anything else.
            I do believe the majority of Germans think like me.



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