Yesterday, I was waiting for the elevator to come. When it arrived the door opened and I moved to walk in. At the same time, another person wanted to come out! We both stopped and looked at each other. I moved left and he moved too! We moved again! Both times we moved together still in each other's way! It was so awkward. I looked down and tried to quickly squeeze by him as he did the same. I got on the elevator and quickly pushed the button to close the doors.


Of course there is more than one way to have an awkward experience, like in an elevator. Share yours or talk about the video below!



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  • It is so funny, I love to heare such kind of moments and read all the replies that makes me smile. For the time being i couldn't remeber one.

  • Daniel Elliott, wo de zhong wen bu hao. I opened the door of a car that was not mine. The owner came running but I told him that his car was Geely and  so was mine.  I hope to be one of your friends and learn more sentences from you.  Is this possible? Thanks. 

  • I have a few awkward situatoin. I remember once  I was shopping in a clothesstore and looking for clothes. I didn't notice the glass door. After I paid for the item and went out, I hit the glass door. It hurt me so much and everyone in the store looked at me.What an awkward situation!!

    Another situation is my husband's. It's funny. He likes fishing a lot and goes to see people fishing often. Once,we took my son to go to a beach. We found that mamy people fishing there.My husband looked at those fishers concentratly . Suddenly,one man catched a big fish,My husband was exciting and picked up my son for seeing the fish. But I found that he pick up the wrong kid. Haha!! What an awkward situation,too!

  • Once I pinched a stranger's butt at the store .... I thought it was my husband. was really awkward. I have described that situation in one of the comments to someone's blog here.

    • lol :P

      Situations like this keep with us for a lifetime. Initially, it's an awkward scenario but afterward, it kind of funny stuff.,

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  • Once I tried to flirt with a girl in Sheffield, UK but after telling her all my planned discussion in awful English she told me she were Spanish :/

    •  That's at least as funny as my story, Estanis...your facial expression must have been like the mine at the moment they opened the door...LOL!

      But the good thing, you had to work hard on the flirt!


  • Hola, Daniel...Who was the another person ? She or He ?....!!!.. ehem...On your  video that person seems a girl  .. Did you hand her ?.. Gıırr ,cause, your left hand and arm got lost after her... Gıırrr

  • One time my brother and I were going to Yunlin City. Before we got into the highway, we wanted to buy some dessert. So we stopped by a convenience store, my brother stayed in the car and let me brought some cookies and coffee for us. In few minutes later, I backed to the car and said to my brother: "Here's your coffee!" but there's a face that I didn't know! Then I just realized I took the wrong car! It was so awkward. 

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