what makes you happy

Many of us will jump for the money answer when we are asked about

what makes us happy in life. Some might reply by saying health, good 

manners, a beautiful woman, a big house, etc... What makes you happy in life?

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  • self-satisfaction? being satisfied for what my creator has given me makes me happy. though happiness is not an easy gain in life mainly when we experience such hard experiences in life. happiness is a very expensive gift from Allah, it may be summed up in a beautiful moment or in a person who can be our happiness itself.
  • I have already had all the things I ever wished before, money, houses, cars, and of course a happy family. Am I happy now? Yes and I think should be Yes. What I have today is the outcome of 25 years hardwork, it was a longway trip, full of sweat and a little tears. I am happy if I look back who I was 25 years ago but I'll be worried and sad when one of my family members in trouble.
    So, now I have another destiny to go, a dream to grab. What is that? That is to see the people around me live happily especially the ones ever helped me before like my brothers and sisters, I will be happy when I can do something for them and make sure their sons and daughters have a better education and health.
  • I thank for having a job and living common everyday life with my family without huge troubles...

    Of cause, lots of money and social sucess give me happiness though, they aren't necessary and sufficient condition for my happy life.

  • Simple:) besides a cup of tea and a nice book, happiness is doing something stupid with friends and laughing about it for weeks.

  • Sungay Aiman, Loving Allah is first as you said, then loving your wife and the rest of your family. Money is very important for us to start living properly and respectfully. I really agree with every word you have said here. Thanks Aiman for your nice comment on that discussion.    

  • Evangelina, thanks for these lovely things you have mentioned before. They indeed make the person the happiest one on earth. When you want to see people around you in a good mood and happy, that is a good sign of healthy life and I really liked it. Be happy and the people around you will look the same. Thanks for your nice comment on that discussion.

  • For me i love to life simple life make my family happy get connected always and also to life with my beloving wife she is everything in my life and money yes its important and necessary not to be rich but to respect our personality for not loosing ourselves because of the money Allah is first then praying


  • Of course, Mahe! Our friends and family are the ones that make us happy. On the other hand, a pile of money is a headache as you mentioned. Thank you very much for your comment.   

  • Main tumarah mom smile bahut pasand. Thanks for your mother's smile that makes Kaya happy. Thanks for your short and nice comment.

  • Chatting and discussing with friend and family members, if you have more money big headache 


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