what are you reading now?

After many days, I have started book reading again, and it feels so good. I love novels and tavelogues. Today I am reading 'The last song' by Nicolas Sparks. In Europe, books are costly than Asia, in our part books are rather cheap. I know, quality of paper, ink and other things are the reasons here. Then, how about you? Do you still like reading  papar books or you are after E-books? I prefer reading paper books and think it is good for my eyes. I have been wearing glasses for more than 6 years, now I am facing problem reading small font and needless to say I am worrying...lol. 

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  • Hi Bet, zivi here, Isent you e friend request

  • I read both physical books and ebooks.  Kindle (from Amazon) is supposedly better for your eyes than other devices and even better than reading paper.  I don't thgrow books away so space is another limiting factor for reading physical books.  Currently I am reading a lot of ebooks but also have plenty of other physical books on the shelves and lying around.  

    Ebooks let you adjust the size of the font.  If you are nearsighted (can see close without glasses) try reading without glasses.  

  • Hello:) Currently, I am reading the book "Man and Superman". English in this book is quite difficult for me, so I am making notes and translations. I do not understand the plot and characters very well, so I am checking this resource to get myself clear:

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    • I haven't read anything written by George Bernard Shaw yet.  What drew you to this book?

    • Actually, I had an assignment in my English school, that's why I have started to read it, but before that, I was reading Pygmalion as well, it is well known play



    • Yes Pygmalion is on my To Read List and on my Kindle waiting its turn.  I have started a group to help people with Questions about English so if you have any questions, feel free to join.  https://www.myenglishclub.com/groups/english-questions-ask

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  • What's a "tavelogue"?

    Damn, all that "book reading" must've did ya in, bet.

  • Hey bet! 

    I'm glad to come back here and see that you keep being such a bookworm. I love that! ;)

    Well, I always prefer the old good physical book. But since my bookshelves don't have any vacancies, and I'm poor like a rat, I'm making more use of the e-book format lately. Actually, the last two books I've read were e-books (A Confederacy of Dunces and One Hundred Years of Solitude. Two must-read classics!)   Buuuut the next one is gonna be defenitely a physical book, because i miss to sniff that mixture of paper and toxic ink...

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  • Audiobooks are perfect if your eyesight is deteriorating. However, nothing can beat physical books. Bibliosmia is an absolute joy.

    • Thanks....A738a....ha..i know for whom e book reading is perfect!..lol

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