To Teach or Not to Teach Grammar

I'm an Art teacher in Iran (Junior HighSchool)

But they gave me some English classes! and also in this year they changed the textbooks, in new books, they changed their methodes and now they don't have any grammars!

Also I should add this that in Iran, students start learning English when they are 13!

All the teachers agree that the goverment should change the age of starting English study, but it seems they don't care!

I know my English is not so good, because originally as I said, I'm an Art teacher...

So, I just wanted to know, that what's your idea about teaching English in this age without any Grammar?!

if you were interested, I can put the PDF of the book in here

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  • the school may have the reason for not teaching grammar for the pupils,did u talk with them about your consideration? sometimes like the private school in a small scale, they would prefer to employ a teacher with multiskill so that they can be allocated different tasks when it is needed. it is very common in the recruitment of the company also.
    • The situation is exactly like u said... But still I think their book needs a bit grammars!
      Also they don't care about our ideas! Because central government design the textbooks, and they don't care about the ideas of teachers

  • I am an English student too and for a fact I know GRAMMAR is essential to any language and it progress.... Thank you for helping the students; Keep on doing a job well done.

    If you're an ART professor there is not reason for the administration to give you a curriculum out of your field... they are confusing people without common sense....  I hope you will find ways to teach the students or guide them-where to looked for help... Grammar is an essential ingredient in any language; therefore, it most be taught. You seem to care and I wish you well... bring the topic to the administration maybe they will come to it senses...  

    Shame to the government and it system for not given much thought to Education, it is SAD.  Education is the only way out to a better life, but some government don't want to accept that-shame to them...  

    • I wish that goverment could understand the necessity of Grammar

  • I don't have problem with grammar, but the problem is that they don't let us to teach grammar
  • hello once again mehdi 2. i have read your comment in the comment box. but mehdi this is not good for you and to whom u have been chosen as teacher for english subject. i can tell you this is your govt. policy.they don't hire any teacher for any subject. if it is going on than how does they run that school? i am very surprised. they should appointed two teachers for each subject. other wise how can they run ?, the whole thing is very simple they just run somehow. i am worried about the pupils. they are helpless person. best of luck.

  • hello mehdi,

           i have read your blog, which is quite interesting. i have one question that why have they appointed to you as english teacher ? u should tell them about your ability and knowledge. now they have given a responsibility to your hand and also future. before you start kindly update yourself . i know the book which they have introduced as an english study material should be good. u can do one thing that is suggest them to buy an another grammar book which will be as supplementary. in the age of 13 the pupils are enough mature and can learn easily. we should give proper guidance to them. how to learn an english is important for all of them.this is your chance u have to do hard work for them and for yourself. i hope u can win in this war. may god bless you.


    • Thanks for your comment,

      In Iran it's common to give Art classes to the other teachers! and also sometimes the other teachers use this hours to teach other books, like math or science!

      when they wanted to send my to one of their public schools, thay asked what's your other skills beside teaching Art, and I said: I also have an English Diploma... so they said: we don't have any Art classes and you should accept English classes!

      And about grammars, they said to us that teaching grammar is forbidden! It's a CLT method and for now you should just work on communication! But I think they're in a wrong way, teaching without grammar can be good for ages like 5 or 6

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