The Scorpion and the Frog.

It had been raining heavily for a couple of days which led to flooding some fields on lower grounds, and this in turn led to a scorpion getting in trouble as we all know, scorpions are not very good swimmers. The scorpion was desperately struggling to remain afloat in the flooded lawn, but it was a fight against unfavourable odds and the arachnid was losing that fight for its life.

Then suddenly he saw a frog calmly swimming past him. This sight gave new hopes for keeping himself alive, so he called out:

Hey, lovely frog, could you do me a small favour?

The frog stopped swimming, eyed the arthropod with geat suspicion and replied:

What kind od favour, Mr Scorpion?

Nothing much! - Replied the scorpion in a docile, innocent voice.- I would like you to take me to a higher located place so that I shall not catch a cold from having wet and cold feet.

Somehow the terrestrial amphibian was not convinced and  voiced its doubts:

And how am I to do that?

The cunning eight-legged critter said in a very casual way:- Oh, just give me piggyback ride to the higher grounds! 

The frog called out in great alarm:-Oh, no way, Mr Scorpion, I know you well, you will sting me!

Awww, come on, be reasonable, lovely, green frog, what good will it be for me if I sting you?

The frog was not totally convinced, but the given argument seemed to be reasonable so it let the scorpion climb on its back. The moment the scorpion got on the frog's back, it stung the poor, naive amphibian.

Ouch!:- the frog called out in pain and stammered:- What have you done, now both of us will perish, how nasty and foolish of you!

Sorry, lovely, green frog! I know that now both of us will die, but you know, after all, I am a scorpion, no?

NB. I wrote this fable as an addendum to Dara's fable about the snake and fire. Hope you liked it.

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  • Oiii ryyyssss,

    Yes definitely I liked it. And after a very very long hiatus I got a chance to learn new vocabulary from your writing. I will try to come here as often as I can to read blogs n discussions. 

    Thanks for sharing it :)

  • It's just the scorpion's nature to sting. We should always be. aware of what or whom is near us and think first before we accept. Thanks for sharing


    Hello...l am back... l am glad to read your discussion

  • "Hope you liked it." - Rys!!!! You bet!!! You made my day...Thank you so much... Loved how you described the thoughts of the frog...Lol. 

    I guess it'll be stupid to admit that sometimes I feel just like this stupid frog...omg ....hahaha. 

    Tree Frog GIF - Bro Frogs Tree GIFs

    • PS. I only always have one and the same question: WHY...that moron did it?

  • It seems to me that I read this very fable somewhere lately. And it was ended up there by the words like " We are Arab, aren't we?"

    Well, it's worthy of rereading when we know that it is written by ryspersi--well known for his crafty and waggish language. 

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