Hello My Dear friends,

I'm a very new member  of My EC,


In  this two or three days, I' was  honored with  two different veteran badgeds from one of the Lords of Essex,

The first badge  was in orange color but the secons was in green...To be hones , I've  reallly  suprised, I considered myself as a  noble Knighte of Arthur The  King,

So I've asked the differences between colors and meanings of them, unfortunately my Lord   nor the other brave knights didn't respond me,

I know youre are all very famouse and descended varriors , so I m going to ask that question as written down...

1)  Work out how many badges  there are ?

2) What each one means ?

3) Who bestoweth  them to the Knights ?

I'm sure youe respond me as fast as possible.

Noble Knight Adriano Martelli

Note ...I've noticed that some variiors have badges but they do not know the meanings of them... ...

Thank You very much.


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  • Vocabulary:

    medal (noun): in this case the proper term in "badge"
    knight (noun): (in the Middle Ages) a man who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier in armour (on horseback)
    bestow (old English bestoweth) (verb): give

    • I Thank you very very much , Sir,

      Next tyme, I will use as (BADGE ).. so, I didn't want to change my mistate due to see my error...Re-thanks again...

      Bestow.. yes, this word was used deliberately .. I try to learn olde english If I can....Bestoweth , I found it from ( A DYTTIE TO HEY DOWNE ) Was written in olde English....

      With My Regards, Sir...

       Note : If you allow me, I would like to publish some of the lines of this  poem was penned as old English, As an example for the learners and the students ...

      • Yes, certainly publish the lines and explain what the are^^

  • i just noticed few changes... i dont even know what it means.. haha  its interesting though.. 

    • My Dear Friend Fizzy , Do not worry, If I can, I help you, but firstly, pls try to solve and study on it..I m sure , you will love and solve it as soon as possible...

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