My name izzz...

Hello everybody,it is cool coinscidence because exactly 6 years ago in October 2011, I joined EC :p Nobody has ever helped me to understand, what the hell was going on here - in fact - I had to follow my senses to be familiar with this platform and.. as you can see I survived in this jungle :DAnyway, let's get to the point -> let me introduce myself.Well..I hate things like my name izzz Lucie (but call me Luci, if you don't want me to get furious - it is for your good, ok?). I live in the Czech republic - country many of you have no idea where it is situated but I am ok with it ;) I am very old, fat and ugly - that's what I spread about myself here.. what's the reality? Believe me you better don't wanna know it, ha? :DI am married, have two kids (5 and 7 yo) and yeahhh I am weirdo, I love irony and sarcasm, my sense of humour is pretty cool, my tongue pretty sharp as I was told :o and that's why I am very unpopular here sum it advice for new members is:- be nice and cute,- never say what you really think as you know others won't like it,- post here only neutral things,- stay anonymous so that others wouldn't laugh at your picture or gossip abt you :DHope, my introduction was useful :p and m trying to do everything against wht I have described ofc :D

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  • Well.. it means you are My Little Ponny then... damn how come you didn't inspire me to make a cake for my Naty's bday as she wanted horse, ponny or sth like this? :D You are late!!!
    • My wife bakes me cakes from time to time but only when she feels like that. LOL!

    • Hahaha! I refused from working as a ponny again! Tanya's 4 year old grandniece has already worn me out! I just want to inspire your weird imagination. Imagine flying Regasus who can find some new source of your inspiration. LOL!

  • Oh girl! Damn! One can't even explain as you cried in the corner like a little girl that I missed your blog!!! :D Just say.. at your service.. and I am gonna reply.. ok.. mah slave :D hope you are doing fine, ha?
    • OK, dear lady, I am at your service as always! But to be Pegasus means to be a sourse of inspiraton. How about Greek myphology?

  • Danny, when you came back here guess I was in Croatia and then missed your one blog about nightmares - that's all oh myyy! :D wanna behead me for this? :D
    • Oh, boy! Sounds like apology! What's the matter with you? No, no, my dear! If I offered to serve you as your horse, it surely means that I am at your feet again! hahaha!

  • Lmao :D Dannyyy! It looks like you are still alive! I feel superior as people drink to my sharp brb - let me sharpen it and let's get started!!! ;) btw I am about to post cool writing challenge :p I missed you here!!!
    • I was back about two months ago! It was you who pretended not to notice me and my blogs! But you are still my muse! Would you allow me to be your Pegasus? Let's get started! I will always support any weird idea of yours!

  • LUCIIIIIII! Hi, my dear fat, old, ugly muse! Brrrr! My congratulations! I see you are having a month long party without me! LOL! I will surely join your celebration. I promis to have a drink to you every day and not only in October. But what has happened to your sharp tongue? I am missing it so badly! EC looks so peaceful and dull. Isn't it time to shake it up a little?

    Well, here is to your sharp tongue!


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