Misheard Song Lyrics

Have you ever misheard some song lyrics, only to find out later what the words really were? I think we are all guilty of that, right? I know it's happened to me countless times. I'd love it if you guys could share your misheard lyrics in the discussion below.

here's some inspiration for you. Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MisheardLyrics. For more inspiration, checkout the hashtag #misheardlyrics on twitter.

Okay, now it's your turn!

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  • Estanis, good one!

    The song 'all about that bass' is a double entendre. It has two meanings.

    1. The literal meaning refers to music. bass being the low sounds, and treble being the high sounds.

    2. The implied meaning refers to the human body. She's using 'bass' figuratively to describe the curves of the human body. Particularly a big bottom (or bass in this case)

    The song is quite popular for promoting a positive body image.

    • Omg...O.k. Now I get it! I knew what the song is about and its principal meaning but the chorus confused me.

      Thanks a lot Dayne! I owe you one :D
  • Lol.. Thanks God I'm not the only crazy haha...
    I usually try to get English songs I hear and normally I fail in most of them. Last I remember is the one by Meghan Trainor, in the chorus my mind always heard 'I'm mad about that face'. Well once I searched the lyrics I know what she says but still don't know its meaning :(

    Nice and funny discussion by the way.
  • ahaha! I like your version of it. It's catchy!

  • Dear Dayne, there is a song which i listened to it many times, but I misheard ' there is no other' as ' where is novada' :D when i read the lyrics I was like really!!!

  • The moment when your misheard lyrics make more sense than the real ones

    • I know, right?

  • That is a good one. And it does kind of sound very similar in the song. Also, you reminded me of this. Have you seen/heard it before?


    • hahahahaha so funny!!

      Oh!! Now I remember I misheard this song too! when I was a kid and I listened to this song for the first time, instead of 'This is the rhythm of the night' I thought she said: 'This is the RIVER of the night'. I'm glad to know now that I'm less lame than the guy of the 'Reebok or Nike' :D

      • Haha!

        River sounds more accurate than Reebok. I'm still convinced that had to be a clever joint viral marketing campaign

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