I just met a friend of mine who is also my neighbour. She said that a few minutes before a young boy came to her, said that his mother was hospitalized. He needed money and asked her to help him. My friend was in a position between believing and not. On one hand, as a human being, she knew that she had to help people who needed help but, on the other hand, he could be lying because such things happened sometimes. So she asked him to go to the head village's home (you can say so) to prove that he was true. But after he had gone, she felt sorry. "What if he's true?" her heart said.

What if it happened to you? Would you help that guy and gave the money he asked?

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  • YES !! and i will run immediately. hahaha lol 

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    • Hi, Beauty! Thank you for your comment. Happy Vijaya Dashmi, if you're Hindu, and Happy Iedul Adha, if you are a muslim. :)

  • Hi Chandra,

    Thanks for your interesting topic,

    I can understand what your friend had done. It's so difficult to give the money for the stranger.

    On my opinion, I will think carefully about his request, finding the truth through another friends who know him to check again his story and finally make a decision

    Wishing for your best idea!

    • Thank you for your comment, VanVan. Yes, thinking carefully is a must. But for your next step, it's hard to do. He is a stranger, how will you know and find his friends? It will be easier and more reasonable if we call the hospital or go there with her to check. 

  •  It depends on if this person needs much or little and if he/she tells the truth or not ,I mean ,there are some people practice bigging people as job ,so when we give them money easily without asking them or even knowing if they tell the truth or not ,then we incourage them to continue this kind of job .

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    • Hi, Rain. Thanks for your comment. That's a good idea. In short, we shouldn't easily believe to a stranger who ask us money.

  • Hi!

    There are a lot of things to consider to justify your decision or choice. Most of the time,  our intuition will guide us on the spot, in making the right move.

    God bless!

    • Thanks for your opinion, Lynne. But could you tell me, please, how to recognize intuition? How do we distinguish it from other thing (reason, perhaps)?

    • it's just our feeling without any reason. 

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    • Thanks for your comment, Nawfal. But I think you only read the tittle of this discussion and didn't read the whole words I wrote. That was the specific situation I wanted you to respond. :)

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