I, myself don't know how to answer. :) One of the fundamental emotional needs is to give as well as to receive love. But how true is this in our world today? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your love for your neighbor? 

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  • >> If a complete stranger tells you that he loves you, how would you honestly answer? 

    >>On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your love for your neighbor?  
    Love for my neighbor? Do you mean the biblical meaning? (Love your neighbor as yourself.) That's a different kind of love than romantic love. And I prefer that!  
    It means more than that selfish romantic love. It means giving without expecting to receive something back. It means to not begrudge people that have more than you. It means to enjoy the success of others. To wish the best for people you don't even know! And it's a very good feeling. :) 


  • Hello @Fran :) I can't agree more! Very well said. Your comment made me smile.  Thanks for dropping by :D

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  • that's the other side of my question @Mishaikh! Good question..:D Have a nice day :)

  • Very well explainend @Faran.
  • Hi! good morning, First of all, I think we should distinguish between love and desire. Desire is something physical, ephemeral, it does not imply a commitment. On the other hand, love means commitment, perdurability, take care of the other in all circumstances, among other things. What do you think your neighbour wants? and what is more important: what do you want? If you have it clear, the answer comes out by itself. Best regards.

  • My love to neighbor on scale is -1 it is less than zero

  • What if a known lover becomes a COMPLETE STRANGER?

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  • I agree with you @Luci. Thanks for dropping by :) :)

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