"happiness is when what you think, what you say,

and what you do are in harmony"

(Mahatma Ghandhi)

We are able to say anything about the happiness to others, to write beautiful words in various ways, but we will find difficulty when we teach it to our students or others. What should we do?



picture here

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  • Very funny picture!!! :)

  • I would like to see that moment when Each student is looking at you and you start to leaving this room slowly, trying not to be noticed :) Step by step:) Just imagine their "Have no idea what is going on" faces that turning closer to the door with each your step!

    • Confuse people is a plus to my happiness :P

    • Yes, but I still can't stop laughing because of imagining this situation:)

  • I'd tell them: "Happiness is....


    and then I will leave the room slowly. 

    And you might wonder "How are you teaching anybody there what is happiness?" Well, dunno about them, but that's how I'm gonna get rid of these people and THAT will make ME happy.  

    Moral of the story: Pursuit your own happiness :P

  • Happiness can’t be brought or grabbed all of a sudden without putting an action. its happen automatically.. Happiness is really ambiguous.We don’t need to have goals to be happy. We don’t need to achieve things and get success to be happy. But if we want passion, if we want excitement that’s where goals come in. They push us to become more, to try new things,to become bigger and better people, to live amazing lives.. by helping other happiness is happened in mind subconsciously .

    We can be happy anytime, anywhere, but if we really want to be passionate, we
    really want to feel powerful, positive emotions and feel this incredible energy to do regular activity.


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    • Thanks, great point Fumi!

      It cannot be described in words but can be felt ;-)

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