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Hello, if you are in trouble with English language, it's made of four skills that you need to know:  listening, reading, writing, speaking and also pronunciation is very important for all of us.

So we have to proceed step by step starting from the basis to arrive to speak English as a mother tongue person.

Here you are some useful tips:

Step n.1: listen every day something in English starting from that's for you more easy to remember and then, step by step, try to listen to something more difficult. Increasing the difficult level of listening, you will achieve the first skill very fastly.

Steps n. 2 and 3: you have to exercise yourself in writing and reading from your native tongue to English and from English to your native tongue. If you start from the basis, you could arrive to have a better knowledge of English.

And I recommend you to use a good bilingual dictionary: most of them are also available in Internet. So the second and third skills will be achieved with a little difficulty for you, but you know that at the beginning of everything, difficulties increases and only after a long period of time, we will always have less difficulties in writing and reading.

Step n.4: you have to speak each other in English and taking care of pronunciation because this is very important. In fact, even if we couldn't speak English as mother tongue people, a correct pronounciation is too much important for everyone of us.

Ah, by the way: do you know that you could also subscribe to the EnglishClub newsletters? If you want to subscribe, go to the main page of EnglishClub and subscribe them: some topics are very interesting for all of us and their newsletters are free, you will receive them by email daily or weekly: a great part of their topics are very useful for all of us that are learning English by the elementary level to a native tongue level or advanced.

I'm waiting for your replies and I wish for all of you the best days here in EnglishClub. See you soon.




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  • Thank you Fantasia for sharing us the nice tips.

  • hi 

  • Hi Valorasa, It's very useful.

  • Thanks. It is very informative.

    • Hello Tina, I'm glad to help you and all other members of EnglishClub that are in trouble with English language. As I am at a pre-intermediate level (B1 or B2, I don't know exactly what is it). I prefer to share with all of you my tips to have a better knowledge of the language.

      I'd like to become one of your mutual friends: if you will accept me, I am ready from now to speak with you everyday using politeness, clearness and concision. 

      See you soon on the EnglishClub forums!!


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