• Number aat! I feel fear of the number eight. Number thirteen does not mean anything to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Curiously, in Italy the fear number is 17, don't know why...

  • Interesting topic, Mishaikh.

    I read a very informative article in the German language. I send the translation for everyone who is interested to read. 

    As for me, I am not superstitious. I find it silly to avoid the number 13 as a row of airplanes (... just for example.) To call it 12a or even to continue with the number 14 after row 12, is just another designation. It doesn't change that those rows are the numbers 13.

    Here is the explanation, translated from German to English:

    For centuries, the combination of the weekday Friday and the number 13 is associated with impending adversity and impending disaster. There is even a technical term for this: Triskaide phobia, the fear of number 13, which can even increase to a level of anxiety in the medical sense - such as when people develop an extreme avoidance behavior.

    The origin of this superstition lies in the early days of Christianity, says Thomas Fernsler of Mansfield University in Pennsylvania, who has been dealing with the subject for a long time. "There were 13 people present at the Last Supper of Jesus Christ before his arrest, on one Friday he was crucified, until then only 13 was a bad omen, and now if the 13 is combined with a Friday, that means double misfortune." In addition, the number suffers from their position in the number system behind the 12 that numerologists consider a complete number: "Finally, there are twelve months, twelve gods in Olympus, twelve tribes of Israel, and so on." The 13, on the other hand, looks like a stepchild.

    There are several examples that have fueled this superstition during the twentieth century: "The Apollo-13 mission was canceled in 1970 during its flight to the moon because a fuel cell exploded in the service module," remarks Fernsler. The missile left the launch pad at exactly 1:13 pm (CST) military time, and the accident occurred on April 13th.
    Spectrum Compact: Faith and Science - How We Affect Religion and Spirituality.

    Even today, the number 13 room is not awarded in many hospitals, and they are often searched for free as a floor number in large buildings. American President Franklin Roosevelt avoided spending all his life traveling on the thirteenth of a month. Even with his death, he avoided the 13, says Fernsler. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945. But there are other facts about the number 13: The sister of British Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, was born on 12 August 1930 in Scotland. But officials were waiting to make their birth official, as the next registration number was 13. So Margaret had to wait three days for the birth of another child until she could be assigned the number 14.

    The first person to die as a result of a car accident was a 67-year-old man crossing a New York street on September 13, 1899 - and the total is exacerbated by the checksum of 67! An analysis of the commercial health insurance (KKH) of sick leave from the years 2006 to 2008 showed that on Friday, the 13th on average three to five times more sick leave than on other Fridays. At the same time, the number of claims received on such days has dropped, as an analysis by Zurich Insurance revealed: it receives ten percent fewer entries compared to all other Fridays. No wonder: After all, many Triskaide kaphobiker move trips, appointments or car trips, if it goes.

    Fernsler himself, however, does not believe in the slightest of the power of the 13th And that's a good thing, because many peoples was even at least the 13 even sacred: The lunisolar calendar, for example, had to flow after several years regularly the thirteenth month, in order to adjust actual solar year. Only later, with the Gregorian calendar reform, the number was declared pagan. For the ancient Teutons, it was as much a lucky number as it is today for many Jews and Japanese. The latter are more likely to associate the 4 with misfortune, but even among them is slowly spreading the 13er superstition. Significantly, tetraphobia occurs in East Asia.

  • Warda Baita

    See the longest English word so far:


    [noo-muh-noh-uhl-truh-mahy-kruh-skop-ik-sil-i-koh-vol-key-noh-koh-nee-oh-sis, nyoo-] 

    an obscure term ostensibly referring to a lung disease caused by silicadust, sometimes cited as one of the longest words in the Englishlanguage.

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  • That’s a new word for me.. I didn’t know such phobia existed.  I have phasmophobia, claustrophobia and nyctophobia. Thank God, the fear of number 13 is not one of them. 

    Thanks, Mr. MIshaikh (Papa), for sharing this. 

  • Hahahahaahaha, I didn't see this episode of Friends xD

  • ''Fear of Triscuits'' XD

  • Now I wonder, what is the longest name of any phobia or the weirdest phobia ever...

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