Hi every one

     There are many things we can do in English club in way to practice and improve our  English language .

      So what is your favorite thing you like to do in English club ?And why do you like it?

     Personally I like comment on discussions ,I think it improve ability to state and learn new words. Chatting is also helpful because increase my speed to respond .

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  • Reply random stuff in people's discussions.


  •  Hi 

        sounds good


  • I like to write blogs and I like to comment on others blogs and discussions. :)
    • Hi Cup Cake

        Thank you for you participation .Comment on plogs I think it increases confidence in our English language .

         By the way ,you have nice name

  • Hello, I like Chatting, Posting and also like to other comments. Because I want to improve my writing skill and Want to make friends.

    • Good thing

  • I love writing blogs, posting photos, chatting, and of course I like to answer discussion forums and commenting on blogs. 

    • many activity ,sounds good

      Thank you for your participation

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