Chicken Soup for the soul ....

Around the world, people cook chicken soup when people are not feeling well.  It's good for health they said.


In China, I discovered they cook it differently from here in the USA.  They use the whole chicken excluding the feathers and the insides.



How about in your culture?

Do you cook chicken soup?

Do you use just part of the chicken  or just ceratin parts?

Would you be shocked to see the chicken like in my photo being used to make your soup?

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  • it would be shocked if I prepare chicken head and feet for meal and  "shocked"  in this case is very gentle word ))

  • I think I rather go for KFC this time, thanks anyway))

    • haha same here )))

    • I know the chicken head on the picture is quite dumbfounded hhhhh....

  •       That is really my favorite soup. In my count we use the whole chicken and instead of vegetables we add a little amount of rice. After it is done we add parsley or spring onions. God bless you.

  • Yesterday, I had a bowl of chicken soup for lunch. I ordered it online. But what the best is the one that is cooked by my grandma. It's not about how palatable is it, but an indelible memory behind a bowl of warm chicken soup. I wrote something about this, maybe for the next blog. I have another kind of chicken soup that is also healthy, but for the soul. "Chicken Soup For The Soul" serves a lot of kinds of warm clear tasty soup that revives and rejuvenates the soul all over again.

    • Do you use the chicken head and feet?

    • Yes, the head and feet are usually used for broth.
      We cook the feet for dim sum too.

    • so Indonesia has Cantonese Dim Sum

    • Chicken feet for Dim Sum or some call it "Phoenix Claws" is common for us, Indonesian Chinese. It is easy to find in a Chinese Restaurant or simply cook it at home.

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