One day, when the whole flock flew to the south to spend a winter, one small but proud bird said:

"Personally, I will fly directly into the sun." And she began to rise higher and higher,

but very soon she burned her wings and fell to the very bottom of the deepest gorge.

So let's drink to the fact that none of us, no matter how high he flies, would never break away from your friends!

NB: reading story about the scorpion and frog has promted me translate this toast.

In case you don't like it i am not going to be upset. good luck!

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  •  Oi there folks,

       Winnie's story about the proud bird that flew a bit too near the sun is so fine that the ancient greeks went green with envy and created their own version of it titled "Daedalus and Icarus" - the only difference is that the bird landed in a deep gorge but in the greek version, Icarus, the son of Daedalus, plunged to his death on not precisely identifed ground while his father, Daedalus fled on home made wings to the island of Sicily.

      Regardles to the difference in the miths, I would also like to lift a toast to those who do not forsake their friends.


    • Yah mr. Rys.! i would like to suggest next toast for ancient greeks who created such wonderful myths!
      Cheers!, God bless you!

  • Lol, famous Shurik ))

    Winnie...very creative use of the brindis ))) Just to the point in the series of blogs )). 

  • Koroshy Winnie The Pooh. They say that what goes up must come down. Do you believe that? Thanks for sharing. 

    • No mr.Dara. The story point is to remember the people that helped your and cared about you before you started flying high..

    • You’ve made a good point here ))

    • hi O.M. did not see you for ages. hope you are ok, to support EC  began to decline due to lack of interest

    • Hi, Winnie )))

      1. Lol....oohh,  take a look at the timeline...hhh...I just don't chat that much last days...but still, doing my best to keep it alive in my manner. 

      2. And you are doing a good job! Who, if not we? Glad to see you too. 

      Thanks for the reply, Winnie. Have a great Monday.

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