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Words. Words. Words! I

In this series we're gonna look at a list of "loanwords" and/or borrowings.These words are derived from others languages. Be sure not to confuse them with "cognates" and "calques" and "false friends". What are those? I'm glad you ask.

As I'm paging through my notes from my varsity days- calques are word-for-word translations borrowed from another language. For instance, 'it goes without saying' calques the French ça va sans dire.

And cognates... don't get me started on those S.O.Bs. Well, basica

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My father sent me to the market to buy him some bread and eggs. I borrowed a taxi. When I got to the market, I forgot about something. Then I wanted to inform my father but I couldn't because I left something home.

What did I forget home??


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I'm a piani...a piano player.


No matter how you pronounce it, it can move and groove ya. So I was listening to some music the other day, and it inspired me to be creative all of a sudden. After doodling for hours, and turning my forks into hooks; it just hit me: What if I analyzed the s#%7 outta any maestro I know? There are just so many of 'em. I might well add to this later.  Musicologists: Step aside. Students: Throw away your textbooks.  A new era has begun.











Franz liszt : sonate pour piano - OnVaSortir! Liege

"I love all my keys equally. Say, you like Hung

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      Well , this is a common form of pray among people before  the arrival  of the Holy  days  of Ramadan  .  " Ya Allah let us reach Ramadan,  without  being missed  or missing someone.

    Who first said so valued much having his / her loveones  around  in the blessed days  of Ramadan. Because it would be painful missing these dear ones or being missed on the other hand.  

    This is a heart prayer for us all . A heart prayer that insists  on the value of living souls,  that can't be replaced

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2021-07 : Hello April...


How are you?  It's has been a while.  I hope you are well. 

How's life?  

Recently, I've lack motivation to do things..  It's not good.tho.


Until then


Fizzy @ WFH still planning








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Ramadan 1442, 2021


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Arabian calendar. It is the month of great blessings, and during it, The Holy Quran was revealed to the world through Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). God's mercy and blessings fill the world. Worshipers focus their thoughts and physical energy towards spirituality rather than materialism.

Muslim people wait eleven months for it to come. Some of them are here and others left this world before it comes. Most of them hope to reach Ramad

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Get To Know The Need for Pharmaceutical Translation Services

With the increasing demand for medicines and drugs all over the world, the requirement for pharmaceutical services has also risen to a lot extent. Since most of the drugs are manufactured and developed in other countries, the medical industry cannot do without pharmaceutical translation services.

From packaging to marketing to research, translation services are required in every step. Needless to say, that this service requires the utmos

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○•° A Coil ○•°

Life wasn't a romantic dream for women 50 years ago !!!!????

      They  were a group of realistic butterflies who knew how to be careful about their delicate wings .
And in their demands and needs from men they didnt ask for fantasy at all .
The new carefully how to handel the swing of their masculine mood .
When to seek a a safe refuge and when to approach . Ships never sail in stormy weather and they knew that by their instinct .
      Women knowledge helped in protecting them from men burst

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India in Poetry

Nila in flood time and The deserted temple are poems written by Vijay Nambisan. Both poems are rather graphic in their description of India and they offer the audience an opportunity to visualize Indian nation. This is especially true because of how the poet is able to make the image of India come alive. The essay relays on Nila in flood time and The deserted temple to analyze how Nambisan portrays India in his narrations.

In Nila in flood time, the poet writes about how India looks like in July.

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2021-06 : Working

My conversation with my mum for every single week. 


Mum :  When will you go to work?

me : I am working but Working From Home.

Mum :  When will you go to the office?

me :  Not sure yet...


a week later...

Mum : when will you go to work?

me :  I work from home.

Mum : Why didn't you go to the office.?

me :  Only 20% of workers can work from the office. 


Well.. I think my mum hates my work from home.. hehe I am guessing because I always around. 

I am sure I didn't bother her much.  I did my daily house chore

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Today is the 10 years anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. About fifteen thousand people died in this earthquake. I posted my writing on Facebook on that day. After I wrote it, I knew that nuclear power plants were broken by this earthquake and tsunami, and that the radiation was diffusing from there. Many people must have been evacuated from their homes.


My writing on that day

Today, at about 3 p.m, the largest earthquake in recorded history since about 130 years ago occurred in Japan

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Do you want to become a politician?

If you want to become rich, you should do business.

If you want to become famous and popular, you should become an actor, actress or entertainer.

You should not become a politician asking for those things.

Only people who want to work for their nations should become politicians.

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2021-05 : Hello March


Its another new month.  Hope you are well.

I wonder if myEC server connection is slow or my internet problem?  or maybe is heavy load with the server with many ppl login tonight.  It is 9.20 p.m here.  Some of you guys probably early morning or noon. 

oh well..   I hope this month is a good month. It's a tax month.  err... I need to do my tax before the end of march.. maybe I should start tomorrow.  (>_<)


Here is my Plan With Me : March Layout.   I have been absent 1 1/2 week.   Finally, be a

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