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An Ordinary Morning

“Sha, wake up, it’s 9 O’clock” Mother shouted again. I fumbled under the pillow to reach the phone. It’s 8:35. I knew it! She just try to make me hurry. I crawled up to bathroom with my dizzy eyes. After a few minutes later I dragged myself to the dining table.

Breakfast is near to end. Everybody is now in finishing touch with the exception of mother. She has yet to start hers.

We are a family of five.

“Where is the pot of sugar?” Shibly, my younger, brother said. He has a small business near to do

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Today, more and more people prefer online shopping to offline. This fact applies to food delivery as well. On-demand delivery app development helps save the customer a lot of time, because people will be able to read the menu, choose a convenient time and the desired dishes to order. In this way restaurants receive profit and happy clients.

Key Features of Food Ordering Apps

Today more and more people prefer online shopping to offline. This fact applies to food delivery as well. On-demand deliv

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The following text is about how to learn English fast enough and avoid quitting studies in a week or two.

International students, who want to study from zero or to improve their language skills frequently ask: is English the hardest language to learn? The answer we can give you may seem banal, but it is true: the hardest language to learn is the one you don’t know how to learn.

Let's make it clear: there is no secret method to know any language within a month. It does not exist. If someone promise

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Husband, wife and four chickens?

Once, a husband was putting on his clothes getting ready to go to the office when his wife said, "On your way back from work/office, bring four chickens." The husband wanted to know the reason he had do get the chickens on his way home.

His wife said, "Don't you remember? Tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversary."

The husband then replied, "Why on earth some poor, decent chickens have to sacrfice their lives for the mistake we made back then, 25 years ago???”



All credit goes to rysperski who

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If you are applying for studies in Australia you will be required to give Personal Test of English (PTE) for proving your English abilities and your understanding of the language in all the forms that are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Before IELTS used to be the only option of candidates to prove their efficiency in English language but last few years PTE is also taken into consideration. 


PTE considered being easy from IELTS is because all the four modules tests are being taken on a

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I was talking to this guy, pretty seriously, for 6 months. I was skeptical of him at first, but after hanging out in person, I was hooked on him. I would go over and we would have days in together or we would go on coffee and ice cream dates. It was amazing and he was amazing. Then he started to seem withdrawn, and I called him out on it. He told me that he had never actually liked me and that he had only been using me for "entertainment"... I was hurt. Then he told me to delete our messages and

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I was falling from the top ,
The air was slamming my body strongly ,
And it was cutting me ,
And suffocating my breath ,
Falling from the top ,
My poor body collide to every rock ,
Every stone ,
Every thistle ,
And every tree with throne
And death wasn't there
Unfortunately ,
I was living ,
But I couldn't move a finger of mine ,
The strong air took my hearing ,
My eyes were fill of dirt
My head swinging back and forth
Down in the valley ,
And the mountain was so far up
And I was so far down ,
And li

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The ex - U.S President Obama has published his memoir recently. A mistranslation in his book became a topic in Japan. He said that "A pleasant if awkward fellow" about a Japanese prime minister Hatoyama in those days. Japanese media reported that Obama criticized Hatoyama because the phrase "A pleasant if awkward fellow" is translated as the word "awkward fellow" was emphasized. However, some Japanese translators pointed out the mistranslation. They said that the phrase emphasized the word "plea

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The stolen New year mood

Have you ever observed that shopping centers and boutiques begin decorate their space in New year style very early? In this year I have seen first decorations in October! It was Christmas trees, garlands and tinsel. I like New year and like feel of miracle, but in last year I have detected one thing: when shops and boutiques had been decorated, I have a great New year mood. I was winged and looked forward 31st of December. I felt that I had became a kid again. But than closer the New year got, t

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17000th blog post of MyEnglishClub

  • From what number of posts are you here? 
  • What was the title you are the first to post?
  • Do you still interact with some of the friends who were the commenter on your first blog post ? 

Sorry, I cant remember I need to check................? 


Good-by, everyone..............

Blog Post, just for fun@@@



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Ethical Principles

Ethical principles are the basics of ethical analysis since they are the point of view from which leadership can be obtained along with the pathway to a substantial decision. I think that the three most ordinary principles that have the likelihood of success include: the Principle of Beneficence, the Least Harm, and the Respect for Autonomy. The Principle of Beneficence directs one to do what is good. The precedence to do well creates an ethical viewpoint probable solution to a dilemma. Accordin

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Isn't a perfectly tailored three-piece suit the necessity of a wardrobe of contemporary men? Depends on the kind of life you are leading, you might also need a three-piece blazer suit to wear daily. Bradley Cooper has donned the suit style so often that this has become his signature look, though he always ends up skipping ties. He kept his style minimal with slim-cut trousers, perfectly fitted blazers, and sometimes an addition in the form of a vest.
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Bangla Poetry - 1


by Abul Hasan


The girl didn’t expect much!
So much grace, so much independence!
Expected less,

Unveiling the whole body leaning against the mirror
Sitting alone all noon, wanting
Mother to scold or papa to see her grief

The girl didn’t want much!
So much noise, crowd, gathering!
She wanted less than these.
A water stream
gives thirst to her just now, she wants
a man to call her darling!


Source : Two Poems – by Abul Hasan translated by Alamgir Mohammed

Poet Abul Hasan Biography

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Miss. White Tiger,
Rock Palace,
Plain path,
SL Jungle.

Hello my dear Ant,

How are you? I am fine and still in the same place. I am trying to find out you, but you are missing (Sorry, I don’t know where you are). I am still here (I am sitting on the bench which we were used to sit and talk when we were together).

Can you hear my sorrowful voice? Can you see my weepy eyes? I am following your foots prints, but How can I recognize your foot prints

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Hello dear learners, as an EFL learner as well,  I need your opinion and suggestions to improve my essay. This is my first essay writing with the aim of taking a Cambridge exam in the future. If anyone of you are English teacher and could help me out assessing my essay which is meant to be at an advanced level I'm  much more than  open to receive your feedback. The topic of the essay is on  the biggest impacts of technology on our daily lives. Here it is:

Which aspect of our daily lives has been

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Our journey together is too short


As humans, If we did follow what kind of concepts this is. This story teaches a valuable lesson for us.

A young lady sat on a bus. At the next stop, an old lady got on the same bus and sat next to the young lady. She spoke loudly and looked grumpy. She squeezed the seat with her big sized bags. The person, who sat on the other side of the young lady, got upset and asked, "I can guess that you feel much uncomfortable. But why don’t you say anything to her about your inconvenience".

The young lady

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If I can.....


If I can flow, like a river, through the dry lands,

That didn’t feel wetness since a long time….

If I can be cooked, like a rice bowl in a hut secretly,

The rice couldn’t be cooked….

If I can stay, like a smile on the lips of kids,

That forgot the smile….

If I can bloom, like flowers on the trees,

That everyone can be able to pluck them….

If I can sleep, as a true sweet dream, in the eyes,

That never had a good sleep.….

If I can sing a song like a bird on the door by door,

That the world can be able to wa

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one pleasent morning, I just dozed off after my preparation for the long journey. I was awakened by the sweet voice of my mother. Preparations for a journey to another province was accelerated in the kitchen. After a shower I was engaged again in the final packing.

It was 8.30,mother entered into my room with some packaged food. After all when I was about to depart , my mother stood close by me and whispered in my ears"I have kept a special "energy " packet in the bag, take and have it whenever y

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An engineering degree is a ticket to rewarding careers, and sometimes a handsome paycheck. But before someone enters the field as a professional engineer, some serious studying, a few late nights, and a few tips to get through the first year are in order.

Engineering textbooks can be dense but endure through the tedium. Reading all of it and keep a highlighter and page markers handy. After the class is over, ensure to keep the most useful and well-written textbooks as reference. Notes, annotation

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