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●•° I Have learned a lesson ●•°

    We will never grow too old to learn new things . It is our nature as human . Learning isn't a part of an educational system with a certain curriculum .
Learning is a big topic that covers a wide range of things , especially when it comes to human nature and how to deal with some kind of personalities .

    Some people do sugar coat their behaviors just to get things or achieve certain goals or have the latest news from your mouth .
Well , there is no problem in dealing with others in a trans

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Bangla Poetry

Banalata Sen

Poem by Jibanananda Das


It has been a thousand years since I started trekking the earth
A huge travel in night’s darkness from the Ceylonese waters
to the Malayan sea
I have been there too: the fading world of Vimbisara and Asoka
Even further—the forgotten city of Vidarva,
Today I am a weary soul although the ocean of life around continues to foam,
Except for a few soothing moments with Natore’s Banalata Sen.

Her hair as if the dark night of long lost Vidisha,
Her face reminiscent o

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2020-16 : Nothing much..

Nothing much going on right now.   Life remains the same but seems that people easy to forget when the "coast is clear".

(the coast is clear. —used to mean that someone can go somewhere or do something without being caught or seen because no one is in the area OK, the coast is clear—you can come out now!)

the increase of Patients is put on high alert once again.    This is no good.  I wish people will stay at home and follows the rules (SOP)

I have been neglected my reading for the past few months.

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Today is the tenth of Thulhijjah, the first day of Eiduladha. Pilgrims after completing their stand at Arafa mountain, they go to Muzdaliffah where they spend the night of the ninth of Thulhijjah and collect (jamarat) stones from there. This time, the authorities has prepared stones for the pilgrims fearing the infection of coronavirus. On the following day, they move to Mina. As we mentioned before, those places, Arafat, Muzdaliffah, and Mina are the rites of Hajj. On this day, they arrive in

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My education in physics, mathematics, science, and high tech started with the love of curiosity since I was a child. My memoried when I was a child that my dad always work on machines to do farm work. When I was in high school, I took a lot of mathematics, chemistry and science classes. But I didn't take any physics class during my high school years. However, when I got to college, I took the first physics class and I got a good grade that the physics professor suggested me to major in physics w

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Hajj and the hard time, Arafa Day


We are on the ninth of Thulhijjah. This is called Arafa Day. It is the great day of Hajj. According to Hadeeth by Prophet Muhammad, "peace and blessings of Allah be upon him" (Hajj is Arafa). Early in the morning of this day, crowds of pilgrims move to the mount of mercy. They gather there to make their ritual supplication. This year, Arafa day is different. The Saudi authorities have enforced strict social distancing rules and employed contact tracing technology.

 It is including all the travel

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New Member

Hello All, I am here ...I guess It been years I have not visited this site for sure.It feels like you are back to your Family after a long years.Its an Immense pleasre to be back to home.

I am not good at writting ..but yes I have tried to write something my mind speaks right away.

Please excuse me for any mistake in my writting.



A learner. :)

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Hajj and the hard time


Today, the eighth of the month of Thulhijjah is the first day of Hajj. Our house is not far from Mecca. We have to have Hajj permit to perform Hajj. Some of the pilgrims came here a week ago. Some of them arrived yesterday. All and all, most of them are here today to perform (tawaf algudoom) arrival circumambulation.

After finishing tawaf and Saee, they move to Mina. Since their (ihram) from various places, they say (talbiyah) which means they intend to perform Hajj only for the glory of Allah.

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Hajj and the hard time of corona

Hajj will start tomorrow, 29th of July 2020 which corresponds to the 8th of Thulhijah 1441 Hijrah. On this day, pilgrims arrive in Mecca to perform (tawaf algudoom) or arrival circumambulation. It is also called irrigation or perfusion day. In the past, pilgrims used to give water to their animals and take some with them for the journey of Hajj. Now, no need for that. Big tanks, faucets, and water supplies are available everywhere.   

Hajj literally or linguistically means intention. Religiously,

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The picture tells us my typical classroom during my childhood. Teachers used to wright by chuck on the blackboard. long wooden bench for 3 to 5 students. 

Sydney, Boram, Nanny, I see you are smiling. Is this because you remember your own classroom days? Maybe you remember the friends you had. Today, I often look at my Facebook list, 

A bright morning of summer when I was in class 11, I was sitting in the classroom with more than 100 talented, smart, brilliant classmates. 

Ten minutes was signific

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Do you know who am I?

It’s 8.40am. Watta nice day it is! Thought Mr. Jahid looking out through the window. Today is a special day for him. Mr. K is going to pay him 1 million Taka ($11790). Some people call it speed money. But he don’t mind at what people say. Money is the life force to him. Mr. Jahid knows how to get a contract and required connexsions. He asked Mr. K just to follow the path as the directorate of Roads and Highways, he would take care of the rest. Very simple! Though Jamuna Construction was the best

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He heard a short beep coming from his mobile phone. He took it and read the text message, “Where are you?”


“Coming.” He replied and put the mobile phone on his lap.



Another short beep got his attention. He took the mobile again and read the message, “You’re late!” with three angry-face emoji.


He smiled and replied, “Sorry, had work.” He kept the mobile in his hand, as he knew there soon would be another SMS.



The phone singled him of another text message. He read it, “Come quickly.

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New normal for sports

Have just finished watching a baseball game, on TV of course. What's strange is that there was no fans for safety reason. Players have handled it well. They managed to play game at the expected level. As reported, quite a few cameras have been placed to broadcast game from many different angles. Sound effect like cheering, victory music etc have been added as well. Silver lining of the new way of playing game is that fans could save a lot ticket money.  

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Hajj season during corona virus


A week ahead and we will start Hajj for this year twenty-twenty which is correspondent to fourteen hundred forty-one, of Alhijrah. Alhijrah means emigration. It is an important historic event for Muslims. Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mekkah to Madinah. This event was taken as the start of the Hijri calendar or the Arabic calendar.

The term (Alhijrah) has many meanings. Here, space is not enough for it now. During the past seasons, the number of pilgrims exceeded two million Hjjis. Pilgrims (h

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Visiting a sunflower field

After staying at home for a couple of months, we finally decided to have some fun last weekend. Guess what? We visited a sunflower field which was only 30mins away for the first time. There were many people there. Most if not all people were wearing masks and were trying to keep distance from each other. We had good time. 

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Fake series 02 ( Is a neutron neutral? )

: There are two isotopes of Uranium,  U234, and U238. Only 3 percent of total uranium is U234, which is used as fuel for Nuclear Energy,  and 97 percent is U38. The nucleus of U34 is attacked by a neutron and becomes U35, then it becomes ready for nuclear fusion. How powerful is the neutron! 


But this is not the last; if it would be possible to convert U38 to U39 in the next thousands of years, we didn't need to think about new energy sources.


: What do you mean by these complicated things? 


: D

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