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world cup

Do you have a bad case of World Cup fever? Good! I need your help. In my house we made a wee mistake. We scheduled our TV service to be cut off on June 11th so that we could enjoy our summer without distraction. Oops we forgot about the World Cup.

Without TV I'm going to be counting on the Internet to keep me in the World Cup loop! For the most part, I'm going to count on all of you. Please use the comments below to share thoughts and news about anything and everything World Cup related. You can write about favourite players and teams, upcoming games, injuries, and bad calls. You can write your predictions, add your rants and raves, and share new words that you learn as you watch.In return for your updates, I'll create a resource list for you. If you have a good link to anything related to the World Cup (especially for English learners or people without TV) please share it and I will add it to this list. If you write a blog about the World Cup, I will add it to the list too.World Cup Stuff for English Learners (and people without TV)Football Vocabulary and QuizzesFootball Crazy (Grammarman)Pele Shares Life Lessons from Football (Facebook)Is your English good enough to play for a Premier League Team (British Council)32 2010 FIFA Lessons (Listen a Minute)2010 World Cup Printable Bingo CardsTalk about or Describe The Big Picture of The World CupWorld Cup Theme Song Gap Fill (esolcourses)World Cup ideas for Class (ESLimaginarium)World Cup Teaching ideas via Alex CaseShould Vuvuzela horns be banned from the World Cup? Take the Poll or discuss in class.Or, you could just go to Larry Ferlazzo's website. He always has the best list! This one about World Cup resources is for teachers AND students.

world cup

We have a huge representation of the world's people here at It will be fun to follow the World Cup through your eyes and ears. Don't leave me hanging! Please do your part to keep me in the loop from your own corner of the world. Thank you in advance! May the best team win...

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  • Hello friends!
    I found an interesting fact about the world cup winner countries,illustrated by this photo:

    Well planed,isn't it?A nice pattern:)
  • I'm just coming back to this post after a few months away. It was so much fun doing this. We still have no TV and hockey season has started...must plug that thing back in again soon.
  • Hi guys,
    I was simply stupified,when I'd read on the net today,that North Korean football team was undergoing a public 6 hours humiliation,because of their World Cup defeat.
    Have you heard about it?I don't know if it's true,for sure,but knowing their system,I can imagine it quite right!
    What do you think about it,my fellow members?
  • Finita la comedia..
  • Yes, it's hard to say goodbye. I'd like to thank Tara once again for creating such a great blog.

    It's the first time I've ever had an 'Internet World Cup'. I've enjoyed it so much.

    The next World Cup is in Brazil in 2014. I wish that day would come earlier!

    Thanks Tara! Thanks all the members! See you!
  • cool espana!

  • Also some totalizer companies want to buy him. But I think it would be better for him to stay in a zoo.
  • Spain prime-minister Jose Luis Zapatero is even willing to provide protection (bodyguards) for Paul. ))
  • Really, R.K.? You always share the most interesting (and juicy) news! Poor Paul!
  • Too bad the fever is over. It is said that Paul (an octopus) is going to be cooked or sold. ))..Do you think it happens?
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