Wordless Wednesday

[Editor's note: We are no longer doing Wordless Wednesday on ESL Magazine. We are now doing it right here on MyEC. Skip #1 and simply create a Wordless Wednesday post on your MyEC blog.]

Over at ESL Magazine we are doing something new and fun! It's called Wordless Wednesday. I was inspired by a friend who was doing this on her blog. It turns out Wordless Wednesday is a popular thing for bloggers to do. Will you join in the fun?
Here are 3 ways to participate:

ESL Magazine1. Go to ESL Magazine on Wednesdays and write a caption for the photo. The best caption will be placed on the photo on Tuesdays. Will your caption win? (How to Write an Interesting Caption for Wordless Wednesday.)

2. Create your own Wordless Wednesday post on MyEC. It's simple! Write "Wordless Wednesday" in your Blog title (on a Wednesday) and add a photo. (NO WORDS). Invite your visitors to write a caption or comment about your photo.

3. Go to the Official Wordless Wednesday homepage. Add a link to your Wordless Wednesday post. Add a comment too. Or, look at all of the other Wordless Wednesday posts and leave comments for the photographers. Yes, you will learn English this way!

A Note for Teachers:
Participating in Wordless Wednesday as a class can be great fun! Your students can submit captions to ESL Magazine's Wordless Wednesday. You can also share the link to the Official Wordless Wednesday homepage and have students practise leaving comments (or writing captions) for all sorts of creative bloggers. Don't forget that photos can inspire great stories! If you have other ideas for using Wordless Wednesday in the classroom, please leave a comment.

A Note for MyEC Participants
If you create your own Wordless Wednesday post this week (or any Wednesday in the future) please share a link here. Only use your own photos please! DO NOT copy photos from the Internet.

Do you have a photo that ESL Magazine could use for Wordless Wednesday? Send a message to my inbox with a link to your photo (it must be in the MyEC gallery).

E-mail me when people leave their comments –

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    A new Wordless Wednesday Episode :D



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    I miss here, and I wish it will be vivid again. 

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    It is expecting your comments and captions 

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    thanks Tara, I'm still alive :)



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    this's my new Wordless Wednesday#25 ... thanks!



  • Hi Tara,

    I have chosen this caption : "Listen, Speak, Read, Write. Nuff said." that submitted by you, on Nadiyah's Wordless Wednesday#23 ... A good steps to start and improve our English language, a great note ...! thanks for your participations!



  • My first Wordless Wednesday has been posted
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